Ford F-150 Squares off Against Fresh Silverado and Ram

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The Ford F-150 dominates virtually every category of this comparison test. And yet, it isn’t the winner!?

The full-size truck competition, despite a 40 year dominance by Ford, is as heated as ever. Chevy and Dodge have battled it out in recent years, hoping to claim the #2 spot and make up ground. And for 2019, they’re doing it with two brand new offerings – the Silverado and Ram. Each is an all-new redesign, packing plenty of fresh technology, styling, and features. The only question left to ask is, have these efforts paid off? Are either now legitimate competition for the Ford F-150?

Well, that’s exactly what Edmunds decided to find out in this recent video. And they did so by comparing all three trucks in every possible category. Interior, exterior, powertrains, towing, you name it. Edmunds chose to compare a mid-level trim of each truck. Which, for the Ford F-150, means Lariat trim with the 3.5-liter Ecoboost V6 mated to the 10-speed automatic transmission.

Ford F-150

First up, interior impressions. “Getting into the F-150 is more like walking into an apartment than it is getting into a truck,” notes the first reviewer. “Two things I really like about this truck that are really unique are the way that the doors are cut. It gives a lot of visibility and also looks interesting. I also like where the door handles are placed. They’re kind of tucked away in here. And you hit them from the top rather than pulling them from the side.”

However, the Ram’s many new features and large tablet-like screen win over our reviewers. And the Silverado’s tailgate step and low-mounted tie-downs make loading a four-wheeler easier. That wasn’t the case in the towing test, however. “All three were able to pull it up the grade easily. But the F-150 felt more willing.”

Ford F-150

Which just leaves driving impressions, where the F-150 shines. “I can see why people like them,” says one reviewer. “It’s a really predictable truck. It does everything you need it to do. It’s quite quiet. They have a ton of different options for engines and interiors. The engine in this truck is never working hard. The 10-speed here is really clever. You don’t really know that it has 10 gears to choose from.”

The F-150 is also the styling winner and outruns the Ram and Silverado at the track. It stops from 60 mph several feet sooner than either. But shockingly, it didn’t win Edmund’s test, coming in second behind the Ram. Obviously, we disagree. But we’re curious to know what you think. Let us know if you think the F-150 is still the obvious choice here in the comments below!

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