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By: glc
Yesterday 11:29 PM

You will have to drop the fuel tank to dump it. To crank the engine without it starting, either trip the inertia switch or pull the fuel pump relay.
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Yesterday 09:19 PM

Ok so bought my truck and it has a 1.5" rear lift and had some driveshaft vibration while accelerating. I dropped my carrier 1" and can't quite get it to go away yet still on hard fast starts. My...
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Yesterday 09:09 PM

On the passenger side there is a green connector that should have a grey with yellow tracer wire in it. That is what someone spliced my door sill LEDs. I am unsure if it is available on the driver's...
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Yesterday 09:01 PM

Ok so what I figured out with work on 2013 and 2014 WITH OEM powerscope mirrors. I traced the signal back from the door connector on the a pillar. It comes from the floor harness that runs up behind...
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Yesterday 08:39 PM

Well, I have accumulated all my stuff needed, including new fuel & air filters and stuff to soak old plugs with and … the plugs of course. If the weather co-operates, gonna try get this swap done...
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Yesterday 06:27 PM

do u still have the super crew tires and how much?
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By: glc
Yesterday 06:05 PM

Motorcraft plugs are nickel plated, they don't need it. Using it can give you false torque readings. http://www.blownoutsparkplu g.com/faqs.htm Q: Why do you prefer 28 foot lbs torque instead...
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Yesterday 05:33 PM

Ok gys anyone have any ideas on this electrical demon. 2005 f150 The drivers door switch does not work for unlocking and the viper remote start fob will not unlock door. they do work for locking it....
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Yesterday 04:59 PM

So I'm hearing that this could be a good option for me for my scratched but non-rusted white truck bed. Too bad they don't have a light / mid grey as I'm not terribly excited to go black in the back....
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Yesterday 04:45 PM

Hey there, Was just at the junk yard, grabbed ~$100 worth of parts including a sliding rear window to replace my solid window. A bunch of basic replacement parts. One that I'm super excited about...
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Yesterday 03:32 PM

Hate to say it guys, but I got a little rambunctious changing my struts and nicked the CV boot. Bad part was I didn't know it, and only saw the grease three hours into a four hour trip at the start...
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By: Roadie
Yesterday 02:58 PM

Should be fairly easy to find out where the gas is leaking from if they look. It could be dangerous. Insist they get on it right away.
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By: drudis
Yesterday 01:23 PM

I am not asking for connecting up to a trailer, and I can back up a trailer quite efficiently. Actually the 2018 F150 Ecoboost already came with the option, and I thought I would never even bother...
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Yesterday 11:59 AM

There more in play here than just bad gas mileage. I had an 02 Supercrew with the 4.6 and ran the 265/75/16 tires. I got 17-18 mpgs town driving with it. Jeez, on one trip from Knoxville to South...
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Yesterday 11:49 AM

Never was a fan of this particular paint scheme. Don't much care for it now on the newer body styles. I would like to see the Victorian paint scheme on a new body style. The 1986 F150 extended cab I...
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Yesterday 08:08 AM

Crap! Forgot that search results expire very quickly in this firum's software. Anyway, use the Advanced Search tool, keyword "F24" and my username. I've probably covered this a couple of dozen...
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