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Fuel leak on 1992 F150 with dual tanks > Fuel leak on 1992 F150 with dual tanks
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Fuel leak on 1992 F150 with dual tanks


Old 07-02-1999, 06:45 PM
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Fuel leak on 1992 F150 with dual tanks

Had a problem yesterday that I would like to pass on to everybody. On my pickup with dual tanks the rear tank suddenly started pumping fuel to the front tank (which was full) causing it to overflow.

My mechanic found that it was a Ford recall item but, I can't remember getting the notice. (I am the orginal owner)

Mine is a '92 model so the problem isn't going to 'just happen' at a specific time or mileage (155,400 for me).

If you have a dual tank F150 I would suggest that you call or drop by your dealer to find out if you need the repair kit.
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Old 09-05-2000, 10:11 PM
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Have a friend who had this problem and the dealer quoted $1000 to replace both fuel pumps, adding the necessary check valves.
Gadzooks!!! Does anyone know the hours it should take to do this??? That sounds mighty high!
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Old 09-08-2000, 05:57 PM
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Red face

I own a '92 F-150 as well and never got any kind of recall. I guess it isn't to much of a problem for me because i never fill up both talks all the way. I usualy only fill both half way. Are you sure this is a problem an should be checked out?

92'4X4 Flareside F-150, 351W V8,33" tires, 4" procomp lift, flows, K&N filter, etc.

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Old 10-05-2000, 09:56 PM
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Its a big problem all right. We have repaired dozens in our shop. There was a safety recall on it for the 1990-early 1993 F-Series, but there is only the usual Ford 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on it. Most dealers will charge about $500-550 to replace each fuel pump. If you need both, then its about double that. There are also cheaper pump in the aftermarket, but why should owners have to pay for a safety recall repair?

The NHTSA has got a safety defect investigation (EA99-032) on this problem, because Ford's recall fix doesn't work, and there are some 1993 models that also have this problem. Let NHTSA know about your problem at: www.nhtsa.dot.gov If Ford has to recall again, you might get reimbursed for your cost. Also, Blue Oval News has a call for reports on this problem (www.blueovalnews.com)
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Old 10-20-2000, 08:57 AM
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We've done them in our shop too. I thought all manufacturers had a lifetime warranty on their safety recalls. Our customers get mad at Ford, but Ford just tells them to take a hike.
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Old 10-27-2000, 01:53 AM
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I have a friend who has or had a 92,he showed me the recall letter,,it does exist.
I'd call them on it,if your the original owner,,,,,98

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Old 10-31-2000, 10:17 PM
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We now have an online form on BlueOvalNews.com that you can fill out that is specific for this problem.

You can request the information you supply be sent to Ford and/or NHTSA.

Your help in this safety matter is essential. I also have a 1991 F-Series that also exibits this problem.

Link to form: http://www.bonforums.com/complaintform_fseriesfuel.htm

Robert Lane
Staff Writer
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Old 11-01-2000, 06:24 PM
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I have a similar problem with my 1988 truck, but I don't get any overflow. All that happens to me is that the rear tank is getting empty when I'm on the front tank. And I was wondering how I could get so many miles out of that one tank and only so few out of the other...
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Old 01-27-2006, 11:56 PM
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Found Letter!

This might be a dumb question, but I recently found my letter notifying me of the fuel pump recall. Something about a valve failing and causing fuel to be pumped from one tank to the other until it overflows. Somehow I overlooked getting this fixed, and now I suddenly have the problem. Will Ford still honor the recall or will I be out the $1000 for the pumps due to my own stupidity? btw: I'm not the original owner of the truck.
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Old 01-28-2006, 09:35 AM
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What you have is a defective return flow check valve in the tank which is overflowing. The tank which is emptying is working correctly.

So, the quick-fix, which costs $0 is this.
Fill both tanks.
Select the tank which is overflowing drive on it till empty
Select the other tank drive on it till empty
Re-select the overflowing tank drive on it till you've used up the overflow.
Re-fill and start over beginning with the verflowing tank.

You're going to want to fix the check valve sooner or later. Buy the parts rom Ford and do it yourself.
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Old 02-23-2006, 12:23 AM
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just got my 91 f150 a couple months ago. while trying to figure out why it wouldn't pass the deq, it finally did, i ran across the bulletin somewhere on th internet. My truck wasn't doing this, but i called the local ford dealer here in portland, **** hannah i think, and brought it in and they fixed everything for free. One bulletin said Ford would honor it for so many years or under 150,000 miles. I have less than that, so maybe that is why the honored it, but the dealer said they were honoring all of them. kind of confusing, i would push the local dealer to honor it though. we printed out all the stuff we found and took it in to them, but it was no problem.
Good Luck!
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Old 03-07-2006, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by bjoern
I have a similar problem with my 1988 truck, but I don't get any overflow. All that happens to me is that the rear tank is getting empty when I'm on the front tank. And I was wondering how I could get so many miles out of that one tank and only so few out of the other...

I recently repaired a 88 f150 that would fill up the rear tank when switched to frt tank.These trucks run three fuel pumps two low preesure pumps,one in each tank and one high pressure pump on frame. there is a switching canister inline,when you switch tanks the pump kicks on and moves a diaphragm to cut off the other tank you need to replace this it is on frame rail with all the lines hooked into it. this is for pre 92 ford trucks..
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Old 01-17-2007, 09:55 AM
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I have a Ford F150 1992 that is leaking from the fuel system. Ford Consumer Hotline reports that a recall was performed, but has no record of a date, only a dealership. Dealership has no record of performing recall. In any event, whether it was performed or not, the check valve has gone out again. To me this is a serious safety issue. NHTSA has an open investigation in regards to this recall. Has anyone been in this same situation? Ford said to contact them if it catches on fire!
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Old 01-17-2007, 12:46 PM
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Where exactly is the leak? What is the FSA number? My list shows none applicable to a '92 F150 fuel leak.
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Old 01-17-2007, 01:11 PM
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1992 Ford F-150 Recalls
Recall ID# 01I008000 - FUEL SYSTEM, GASOLINE

NHTSA Action Number: RQ98008
NHTSA Recall Campaign Number: 93V125000
Make: FORD Model: F150
Year : 1992
Date Investigation Opened : May 29, 1998
Date Investigation Closed : Open
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