Ford F-150, Prime Target of Theft in Greeley, Colorado

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The headline may worry you, but the numbers say you should relax. 

A quick heads up to all of you Colorado folks, we have a bit of news that you may be interested in. It seems that in the Centennial State, Ford trucks are the third most commonly stolen car. If you live in the tiny town of Greeley, the Ford truck recently moved into the number one spot, reveals local paper, The Tribune. It’s a pretty terrifying idea to wake up and find your pride and joy, your F-150, missing. Just vanished, likely to be stripped for parts and never seen again.

It certainly worried us enough to make sure our doors were locked, and we live more than 20-hours from Greeley.


But then we started thinking, and doing some math. Turns out you don’t really need to be that worried about your Ford. Last year Ford sold more than 800,000 F-Series trucks. That is more units moved than both the Honda Accord and Honda Civic combined in 2016. Those two cars were the top two stolen cars in Colorado as a whole, and number two and three behind the F150 in Greeley.

In the entire country, there were more than three-times as many Honda Civics and Accords stolen than Ford trucks. The odds are actually in your favor here.

To put actual hard numbers on this, there were 32,721 Ford trucks stolen across the entire country in 2016. If you only count Ford trucks sold between 2010 and 2016, the odds of your truck getting stolen are a miniscule .6 percent.


There were 32,721 Ford trucks stolen in the U.S. last year. If you only count Ford trucks sold from 2010 -2016, the odds of your truck getting stolen are a miniscule .6 percent.


So, please be careful and keep your trucks locked, but when you see that Fords are some of the most stolen cars in the nation, don’t worry about it so much. There are literally millions and millions of Ford trucks still on the road today. Eventually some of those trucks are going to get stolen.

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