Ford F-150 Theft: Being Number One Has Its Drawbacks

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Due to its massive sales success — and because, well, Ford trucks are simply badass — the F-150 is highly coveted in the criminal underworld.

Being number one isn’t all pretty and pink. Like most athletes, stars, and other professionals would attest, great success comes at a price — and typically a hefty one. Besides being viciously targeted by competitors, the Ford F-150 is currently at the epicenter of a massive crime wave.

According to several reports, the Ford F-Series, but primarily the current-generation F-150 is among the most stolen vehicles in the USA. While the 2006 model is currently highlighted as the second or third most stolen vehicle, the 2016 and 2017 model also rank in the top 10. Unfortunately, this isn’t just happening in the United States, but also with our neighbors up north.


Global News, a Canadian publication went as far as saying that “If you drive a Ford truck – you have a better chance of having it stolen in the Queen City.” In case you’re wondering, Regina is found in the province of Saskatchewan, less than 100 miles from the US-Canada border in North Dakota.

The article goes on to say that during the course of the last three months, 16 percent of vehicles stolen have been F-Series trucks. Even more shocking is the fact that in recent weeks, that number has climbed to over 40 percent. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t mention the theft of F-150 components such as tailgates, wheels, etc., as those typically play the biggest role in vehicle thefts, to begin with.


While most folks believe that high-end, luxury cars with expensive factory equipment run a high risk of being stolen due to their flashy appearance the fact is that vehicles which sell in massive numbers are at higher risk. The higher demand there is for parts, the more it motivates criminals. It’s as simple as supply and demand.

Stay safe, folks!

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