Angry Bear Wrecks F-150 for Half a Stick of Gum

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F-150 Wrecked by Chevy Kodiak Bear

Colorado man wakes to the sound of his F-150’s alarm system, sees bear rocking the inside trying to get out.

There are a few things you don’t want to wake up to when it comes to your F-150. Your truck being stolen is definitely one of those things, of course. A big dent left by a Chevy Kodiak garbage truck is another. And then, there’s finding a Kodiak bear rocking the truck for some food. That’s a moment that’ll make you go back inside for a cup of coffee, and maybe a shotgun.

And speaking of bears, Denver, Colorado, CBS affiliate KCNC-TV says one F-150 owner woke up to exactly that a few days ago, when his truck’s alarm system called his attention to a black bear wrecking the interior trying to get out of its sticky situation.

F-150 Wrecked by Chevy Kodiak Bear

Jim Bay, of Denver suburb, Morrison, says that he went outside to check on the F-150, thinking he might have accidently left the door open. Instead, “it was a very large black bear” that had “opened the door using the handle, and then the door closed behind him once he got into the truck.”

F-150 Wrecked by Chevy Kodiak Bear

To say the bear suddenly became claustrophobic would be an understatement. Fearing he would become bait for the angry bear, Bay called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for aid. Two deputies arrived with rope to open the door, but when the ropes failed, one of them volunteered as tribute by directly opening the door. The bear saw the opening, and booked it back into the open woods.

F-150 Wrecked by Chevy Kodiak Bear

And what attracted the bear to the F-150 in the first place? Bay says he doesn’t keep any food in his truck “for obvious reasons, but it was a half stick of gun that attracted him. That’s it.” That, and possibly because the bear is secretly a Chevy Kodiak with claws.

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