Dope on the Water: Man Drives F-150 in River to Avoid Police

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Shockingly, his plan didn’t work out too well…especially for the F-150.

A man in Astoria, Oregon recently committed to making a bad situation worse. While trying to escape police, he took off in his F-150, drove it into a river (on purpose), and ultimately ended up getting apprehended, and trashing his truck in the process. We have many questions, first and foremost: Why?

Timofey Erofeeff was spotted trespassing by law enforcement. When Officer Kevin Berry tried to detain him for being in violation of his parole, he discovered Erofeeff was a runner. The Daily Astorian obtained Berry’s statement.

“Erofeeff proceeded to take off at a high rate of speed straight away from me,” said Berry. “Erofeeff turned onto a dead-end pier and began accelerating. Erofeeff launched his vehicle off the end of the pier, into the Columbia River at a rate of speed I estimate to be about 45 mph.”

Once in the water, Erofeeff got out of the truck and started swimming. He was trying to reach a small island about 1/3 of a mile away. What was he planning to do after that? We’re thinking Erofeeff probably wasn’t thinking that far in advance, or thinking at all. Erofeeff started to struggle in the water, and returned to the pier, where the Coast Guard and police were waiting for him. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a few minor injuries and was then released, into police custody.

F-150 pulled from river

As for the F-150, it was removed by crane from the water by a local company and the Coast Guard. Divers located the truck, which was attached to a tow and lifted out of the water by crane. Despite everything, we have to admit that is a very cool sight to behold.

Erofeeff was indicted on a number of counts including attempting to elude police with a vehicle, reckless driving, refusing to obey a police officer, third-degree escape, second-degree criminal trespassing, and yes, even offensive littering. Erofeeff is currently awaiting trial.

As for why he resorted to such extreme measures, Officer Berry has some insight. “When I asked him why he took off in his vehicle, he [said] he knew I was going to arrest him and he thought to himself, ‘I’m not getting arrested today,’” Berry said. Well, we can’t argue with that airtight logic.

F-150 driver

One last tip for Erofeeff, if you are going to try and outrun the police, first: Don’t. And second, you might not want to wear a shirt that says “Race to the bar.”

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