1978 Ford F-150 Brought Back to Life by Make-a-Wish Foundation

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Rough 1978 Ford F-150

Classic F-150 is flawlessly restored for young truck enthusiast who suffers from rare blood disorder.

18-year old Joseph McStoots suffers from a rare blood disorder that has forced him to spend long periods of time in the hospital. As he battles his illness, he was invited to take part in the Make-A-Wish program and unlike asking to meet a favorite athlete or go to Disneyworld, McStoots’ wish was for his 1978 Ford F-150 to be restored. According to local news station WHAS 11, the Louisville Collision Center and more than 25 businesses in the Louisville area worked with Make-a-Wish to make this dream come true in grand fashion, bringing the battered half-ton truck back to life.

McStoots’ F-150

Joseph McStoots has owned and loved his 1978 Ford F-150 since buying it three years ago. The truck was in rough shape, with rust damage throughout the body and the cabin being so bad that the floorboards were non-existant. However, even with the imperfections, McStoots loved his $1,500 truck, calling is his baby.

McStoots F-150 Hauled Away

With that in mind, it likely came as little surprise to his family when Make-A-Wish came to him, asking what he would ask for as part of the program. Like most gearheads, McStoots’ first thought was to get his 1978 F-150 restored and the Make-A-Wish people got to work, looking for businesses in the Louisville area to help make this wish come true.

Make-a-Wish Brings a 1978 Ford F-150 Back to Life continued…

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