Ford Shines Bright at 2018 Carlisle Truck Nationals

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Ford Raptor F-150

Check out some of the coolest Ford trucks from one of the biggest all-truck shows in the world.

The 2018 Carlisle Truck Nationals were held earlier this month in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and as is generally the case, hundreds of trucks of from every brand poured into the fairgrounds, but Ford trucks were among the most prevalent and the most impressive. If you didn’t make it to Carlisle this year, the huge gallery of images from the show organizers offers up a look at the sheer scope of the event, but we have gone through all of the pictures to pick out a spread of the coolest Ford trucks.

The F-Series Rules

Among the many rows at the Carlisle events grounds there were countless numbers of Ford trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles, but the F-Series is one of the most common trucks in the field. The All-Truck Nationals offer an solid field of Rangers, Econoline vans, Broncos, and other non-pickup Fords, but the F-150, F-250 and F-350 are the top dogs.

Antique Ford Truck

Ford Truck Pair

Ford monster Truck

Ford Truck Trio

Ford Mud Truck Group

Classic Ford Grille

Ford Roush Trucks

Half-Tons Old and New

In looking through the official gallery from the Carlisle events staff, there are more high-riding custom trucks and many of them are Super Duty models, but within the 16 pages of pictures are a variety of half-ton trucks. This includes some gorgeous F-1 pickups, a collection of F-100s and, of course, several generations of the F-150.

Red Ford Raptor

Red Ford F-1

Big Orange Ford Truck

High Riding Ford Truck

Classic Ford Half-ton

90s Ford Truck

Slammed Ford Truck

Old School Ford F-100

Classic Blue Ford Truck

Within the F-150 crowd, there are high performance Raptors and Lightnings, but the most impressive aspect of the Ford truck crowd is the sheer volume of people who fly the blue oval at this sprawling event. Also, as the images here show, there is a tremendous amount of variance in styles, so whether you like lowriders or monster trucks, drag racing or off-roading, the Carlisle All-Truck Nationals has an area for your pickup.

Photos courtesy Carlisle Events Flickr page

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