Ford F-150 Gets Boosted with New Turbo: What’s Up in the Forums

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Ford F-150

F-150 Online member shoots for 500+ wheel horsepower in his turbo’d 2006 Roush Ford F-150.

It isn’t too often that we see truck owners slap things like superchargers and turbos on their naturally-aspirated pickups. But why not? A little boost never hurt anyone. In fact, it helps ramp up things like towing as well as just providing extra tire-shredding power. So when we spotted a 2006 Ford F-150 turbo build by member 06 Roush right here in the F-150 Online Forums, it truly got our motor running.

“Starting the turbo build on my truck. Only have the intercooler and turbo now, but more is on the way. 76mm turbo. Not quite sure where it’s going to be mounted yet. 31x12x4 intercooler is stuck in place but not mounted. I didn’t get pictures of the bracket I started fabing up for it. All fabbed up by me. I will be doing everything except the tuning. This is my daily driver, so I will be building the kit a little bit at a time, then taking it back off the truck until the final install. This is my first turbo build, so any advice is welcome.”

Ford F-150

We were obviously already excited, even though this build is just getting off the ground. And then the OP shared some more specs at the request of another member.

“It’s a 76mm, .96ar exhaust, .80ar comp side. T4 flange. I’m shooting for 400 whp for now until I get my built engine and trans in. Then I would like to hit 550 whp. The engine is stock. Current mods are: long tubes (getting replaced with shorty or manifolds), Roush cat back, catless y-pipe, underdrive pulleys, electric fans, and FRPP hot rod cams.”

The first order of business was welding up a bracket for the intercooler. But the OP also decided to pick up a 5.4-liter long block to build up, including a self-completed port job on the heads. Before long, the intercooler was in place and looking awesome.

Ford F-150

But then, plans changed and the OP’s attention shifted to his Mustang. It was nearly three years before he dove back into the turbo Ford F-150 build. And understandably, plans changed just a tad.

“I have finally continued with this build. Plans changed quite a bit. I am using a 70mm turbo and made a set of log-style headers. I have a Precision wastegate running an 8psi spring and 3″ downpipe to the Roush catback. Have the hot side made and the truck is running but not making boost yet. I wanted to get it back where I could drive it and then work on the intercooler piping, fuel system, etc.”

The next order of business was an electric fan install and a new crossover pipe. Before you know it, the turbo was mocked up and installed. There clearly isn’t much room to work with, but the OP is making it happen regardless. That’s where this cool Ford F-150 project stands as of now. So be sure and head over here to keep up as this boosted pickup comes to life!


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