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4.6 Heater pipe

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Angry 4.6 Heater pipe

I'm taking the heads off a 97 4.6 4wd.
Trouble is I can't figure out exactly how to get a pipe disconnected. From the back of the waterpump housing, it runs up and attaches to the passenger side cylinder head. It looks to me like its pressed onto the water pump housing, and there is not enough room between the head and the firewall to detach it from the head.

How the heck do I get that pipe off. Lol I'm half tempted to cut it and splice in a piece of heater hose.
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There is a nipple pressed thru the back of the waterpump cavity into the engine valley. The tube just slides over the nipple and O rings on the nipple prevent coolant from leaking at the connection. Once the two retaining bolts are removed from the back of the head the tube slides right off the nipple when forced rearward. There is enough room at the rear of the head to remove the two bolts one of which has a stud head but it is tight and time consuming to remove them. I usually just reinstall only one of the bolts when replacing the tube as thats all thats needed. Some here actually do cut the tube and install a piece of heater hose as a connection not a bad idea actually. I think jbrew has some pics somewhere showing how this is done. Good luck.
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