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1997 - 2003 F-150
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Runs fine for 3mins then shuts off


Old 01-01-2012, 09:30 PM
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Question Runs fine for 3mins then shuts off


So I have a 4.1l 2wd 2000 f150 and it runs perfectly fine for about three minutes and then it shuts of completely. Originally it was though to be the fuel pump so we had that replaced but the problem persists. Could this be a relay or a sensor because it is not making any unusual sounds. Any advice? Thank You!
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Old 01-02-2012, 03:51 AM
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Well, you have to get out of the guessing mode and begin to look for the issue after it stops.
Begin by checking if the fuel pump stops, is there ignition etc.
Much cheaper to search for a fault than spend money on trying to get lucky.
At this point you have nothing to go on until some checking has been done.
A 3 min run suggest the motor ran out of fuel for some reason but you need to prove that.
If it will start later and do the same thing again, then there is something to find right after it stalls.
Good luck.
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Old 01-02-2012, 03:48 PM
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Fuel filter plugged up maybe. Hey bluegrass, could it have something to do with the
O/2's warming up then faulting all together. This could go several ways. Ignition relay heating up fuel pump relay heating up then fault. After it dies check fuel preasure to see if fuel pump relay shut down.
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Old 01-02-2012, 09:26 PM
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Your getting wild with this in terms of thoughts.
It's an engineered system controllled by the computer.
Ox sensors won't shut down the engine under any conditions because it's not the type fault to leave a truck stranded.
When they don't work the program substitutes fixed fuel tables to allow the motor to run but 'does' set a code to tell you there's a fault.
The fuel pump is under computer control. It doesnot run just because the ignition in on without the motor turning over.
The computer sees the crank sensor signal as the motor rotates and signals the computer to supply a ground to the pump relay among other uses the signal has.
The relay closes it's contacts to pass power from a fused source.
When the motor stops the pump stops.
In the power lead is the crash sensor.
The whole system is designed to prevent feeding a fire should there be some accident that causes a fire or could feed one.
Reseat the cranks sensor connector to be sure it's not a source of the issue.
Seat check the relays and fuses for corrosion
You can see the crank sesnor is the start and reference for all that goes on after cranking begins.
Otherwise you just have to persue all the aves that would shut the motor down.
Total lack of fuel, total lack of igntion, injectors' electrical feed, cam position sensor going open etc.
Until you find the failure fuel or electrical, you have nothing to go on.
No amount of guessing will help unless you get lucky.
Since before 1995 or so these systems has gone way beyond the ability of most owners that have no idea how things work, to service a fault unless some luck plays a part.
It's no better with any other make.
Were here to try to bridge the gap. Sometines we can sometimes we cannot.
Good luck.
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