World’s First Southern Comfort F-150 with 22-Inch Wheels!

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Turnkey lifted trucks are all the rage these days. And this special F-150 is one of the better options out there!

Lift kits and aftermarket wheel/tire packages are the singular most popular modification among truck owners. But when you’re plucking down your hard earned cash on a new truck, you certainly don’t want anything getting screwed up. Which is exactly why companies like Southern Comfort offer attractive packages with financing and a dealer warranty. The most popular of which is the Southern Comfort F-150 known as the Black Widow.

Southern Comfort F-150

Until now, however, you could only get your special Black Widow wheels in up to 20-inch sizes. We say until now, because Town and Country Ford got their hands on the very first Southern Comfort F-150 wearing 22-inch hoops. And we must say, the super deep dish, aggressively offset wheels look pretty killer on this truck. Especially when they’re wrapped with 35×12.50  Toyo Open Country tires.

Of course, the aggressive rolling stock isn’t the only thing that makes the Southern Comfort F-150 so appealing. The XLT-based truck also comes with a 6-inch lift kit already installed. Along with fender flares and a Gibson exhaust. This particular truck is also outfitted with custom two-tone leather seats that feature body color inserts and stitching, as well as Black Widow logos in the headrests.

Southern Comfort F-150

Hardcore off-road guys will probably decry the loss of tire sidewall. But not everybody is buying a truck like this with intentions of beating it down on the trails. Some folks just want an aggressive, uniquely styled truck to make their daily commute in. And that’s just fine with us!

If you’re in the market for a lifted truck and don’t want the headaches associated with building one, you can’t do much better than the Southern Comfort F-150. And if you like big wheels, now you can get those with your package, too!

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