Listen to this Raptor Exhaust Make Sweet Music (Video)

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Metallica schmetallica…When it comes to some badass, hard-hitting sounds, CORSA’s Raptor exhaust may be the best thing around.

Without a doubt, the most common complaint about Ford’s new Raptor is that it sounds anemic. There are two reasons for that – the presence of a V6 engine instead of the old V8, and some restrictive exhaust pipes. One of those problems is tough to fix while the other is easy. But so far, we’ve been pretty underwhelmed with the noises coming from most aftermarket Raptor exhaust setups.


Put simply, the Raptor in this video sounds like a truck,
not like a flashy sportscar some guy in a man bun would drive.


That’s because they make the Raptor sound more like a European sports car than the fire breathing, mud slinging truck that it is. At full throttle, you’d swear there was an Acura NSX coming at you, not a big ol’ off-roader. So we’ve been hesitant to recommend an aftermarket Raptor exhaust. Until now, that is. Because this new setup from CORSA Performance sounds absolutely badass.

Raptor Exhaust

Obviously, CORSA’s catback exhaust and x-pipe don’t make the Raptor’s V6 sound anything like a V8. But it does give it a throaty, almost diesel-like sound that’s quite authoritative. And it’s light years beyond the raspy notes most other kits lash out from the turbo’d six banger. Put simply, the Raptor in this video sounds like a truck not like a flashy sportscar some guy in a man bun would drive.

CORSA offers its 3″ catback exhaust with satin, matte black, or gunmetal tips, all of which sell for prices hovering around $1,500. If you want to add the x-pipe, it’ll run you another $500 bucks or so. And while most folks are more interested in the power gains they’ll achieve from a less restrictive Raptor exhaust setup, our motives are twofold. Because we can’t drive a truck that doesn’t, well, sound like a truck. And you shouldn’t have to either.



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