Watch This Raptor Receive a Full Body Paint Protection Wrap

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Is this the future of vehicle paint protection or just a giant waste of money?

Buying your dream truck is an experience that should be full of nothing but joy. But sadly, there’s a whole world full of objects and negligent people out there just waiting to damage the shiny paint on your new ride. And nothing ruins your day faster than a fresh scratch or stone chip. But there is a way to protect your truck’s precious finish – paint protection wrap.

Vehicle wraps are nothing new in the automotive world. For quite a few years now, plenty of folks have changed the look of their ride with vinyl. A wrap job is cheaper and easier than a paint job, and if you get tired of the look, you simply peel it off. But wraps have one other benefit – they serve as a barrier between the paint underneath and the elements outside.

Paint Protection Wrap

So it makes perfect sense that companies would start doing clear paint protection wrap jobs for those who like the color of their ride and want to preserve it. Companies like Beramo Specialty Films out of Whittier, California, who’ve been wrapping cars since 2009. Beramo also posts nifty videos of their work on YouTube. Including this one documenting a brand new Raptor’s paint protection wrap.

These sort of wraps seem like a great idea, and they are, for the most part. They protect your paint, and if the job is done correctly, no one will be able to tell it’s there. But there are a couple of caveats, of course. These films are cheaper than a paint job, but still relatively expensive. They also have a limited life, as wraps obviously take the abuse your paint otherwise would endure. Over time, they’ll need to be replaced or removed. But if you’re simply concerned about preserving your truck’s finish (and value), paint protection wraps are certainly worth a look.

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