Ford F-150 Becomes a Fastback with the Aero X Cover

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F-150 Aero X Passenger Side

Cool new F-150 accessory offers this advantages of a bed cap without the clunky design.

Adding a bed cap or a tonneau cover to your Ford F-150 makes hauling cargo safer, enclosing your items in a covered bed where they are safe from the elements and thieves. However, each of those options has its shortcomings, as a tonneau cover limits the height of your cargo and a bed cap is fairly unstylish, but we found a solution at last week’s SEMA Show that combines some function of a bed cap and some function of a tonneau cover while introducing a very cool fastback design.

Aero X Bed Cover

The Ford F-150 shown here was on display at SEMA 2018 in the Michigan Vehicle Solutions (MVS) booth and it is outfitted with a product called the Aero X bed conversion. As you can see in the pictures, the Aero X transforms the half-ton pickup into a slick fastback pickup with a design that is very much like that of the Mustang, but this is far more than just an aesthetic upgrade.

F-150 Aero X Cover Close Side

The main attraction with the Aero X conversion is, of course, the fiberglass bed cover. It fits just like a traditional bed cap, but as you can see, rather than extending the roofline straight to the back of the truck, it tapers down to the top edge of the tailgate, creating the fastback form. Like a proper fastback car, the Aero X-equipped F-150 has rear window louvers, quarter windows on the side and a low profile spoiler at the rear. It looks great and offers superior aerodynamics to any bed coverage option on the market today.

F-150 Aero X Rear Corner

Next, the Aero X package adds full carpeting through the bed, along with a carpeting headliner, giving the cargo area a more interior-like feel. Thanks to the system of water channels in the cap, this storage compartment is waterproof and with the louvers on the huge back window, the contents of your bed are safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

New F-150 with Aero X

Cargo Functionality

So, the Aero X conversion for the 2015-and-newer Ford F-150 looks great inside and out while also offering improved aerodynamics, but the real advantage here is cargo capabilities. With the unique tapered roof design, this bed cover allows owners to haul large cargo at the front of the bed, similar to the functionality of a full-sized bed cap.

F-150 Aero X Interior

Since the Aero X opens like a hatchback, the opening is huge, making it easy to load large cargo and, like most caps, this product has a front sliding window that allows pass-through access from the interior of the truck to the cargo area.

F-150 Aero X Hatch Up

So, if you have been longing for a bed cover that offers more cargo space than a tonneau cover without the clunky design of an old school cap, the Aero X is ready to transform your F-150 into a slick fastback pickup.

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