Autopsy For ‘The Undertaker’ Will Scare the Hell Out of You

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This 750HP truck needs a lot to come back from the dead. 

Just a few weeks ago, we told you about a New Jersey-based 2018 F-150 that sent 750 horsepower to the rear wheels. A simple, black, single-cab, short-bed truck known as “The Undertaker,” this Whipple-supercharged monster looked like it could single-handedly revive the street truck movement. The Coyote V8 is famous for taking all kinds of mods for more power. But unfortunately, it was just too much for this truck.

In this recent video from YouTube channel Boosted F-150, owner Dorian provides a voice-over for a time-lapse look at the diagnosis of his ailing V8. At his last track day, Dorian realized that the truck was having some problems. After a few minutes of poking around, he realizes that it’s pretty serious. He takes the truck to his local speed shop, where the truck gets an engine-out inspection.

The bad news and the backstory. 

750HP 2018 Ford F-150 with blown engine.

“There are no real issues that I would consider Ford’s fault or Whipple’s fault… This is more of Boost F-150’s fault.” He says that his stubbornness and desire to do things his own way put the truck in this state. Just by the tone of his voice, he clearly isn’t happy with what happened. After about a 15 minute time-lapse interlude, we see why.

The Undertaker is ailing from a cracked oil pump. This is no small problem either; the top left side of the pump has nearly split off. That explains the complete loss of oil pressure. Inside the pump, things look worse. What once were ring gears are now chunks of metal.

750HP 2018 Ford F-150 blown oil pump.

Dorian thinks he knows what happened: “I hit the rev limiter on a couple passes during one of our previous videos… and we did that on probably three to five different passes… I didn’t really notice that I was hitting it at the time… we believe that the process of hitting the limiter probably fractured the gears, and then the next time that I went to the track… it just kind of broke all the way.”

Once Dorian figures out what broke the truck, he fesses up to why he thinks it happened:

We added power when we added the exhaust, and apparently, that exhaust is pretty corked up. So it pushed us past our normal shift points, because I never asked to have the tune recalibrated after doing the exhaust, because I didn’t’ think the exhaust gave us that much more. But it did push us past our normal shift points which led us to hit the limiter. When we figured out we hit the limiter we adjusted, but I believe the damage was already done.

For anyone who’s added power to an engine, they know that little mistakes like these can lead to big problems. We salute Dorian for being so open and honest on such a public forum. That takes guts.

And don’t cry for The Undertaker yet. “We’ll be back. Sooner than some may suspect,” he says. The last few seconds of the video show something big being lifted out of an F-150 bed and a sign for L&M Engines. So this badass truck gets a new lease on life. We also suspect it will come back better than ever.

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