Sinister 900 HP 1977 Ford F-150 ‘Hoonitruck’ Invades SEMA

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Ken Block Hoonitruck Ford F-150 SEMA 2018

Who says an old Ford F-150 can’t make an amazing drift machine? Certainly not this star we spotted at SEMA.

We here at F-150 Online are here in Las Vegas for SEMA 2018. And as usual, we’ve spent the entire week bringing you all the hottest Ford trucks we can find. Normally, picking a favorite among this excellent, nearly endless lineup is a difficult task. But now that we’ve stumbled upon pro racer and Hoonigans boss Ken Block‘s amazing 1977 Ford F-150 dubbed “Hoonitruck,” we’re going to go ahead and declare it the winner.

Regulars around these parts will undoubtedly recognize this insane creation, as it was just unveiled to the public last week. But now that we’re seeing it in the flesh, we can confidently say that it’s even more badass in person. When Block set out to build the next feature vehicle for his ongoing Gymkhana series, he decided to reach back into the past. And since he first learned how to drive in a 1977 Ford F-150, it seemed like the perfect fit.

Ken Block Hoonitruck Ford F-150 SEMA 2018

But make no mistake – this insane drift machine was only going to share a model year and nameplate with that old pickup. Otherwise, this thing is all drift car underneath. From the fully custom tube chassis to the all-wheel drive system and hand-formed aluminum body panels. Then there’s the proverbial cherry on top – a Ford GT-derived 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 cranking out an astounding 914 hp and 702 lb-ft of torque.

Ken Block Hoonitruck Ford F-150 SEMA 2018

Who knew that an old Ford F-150 could make such an intimidating and capable drift machine? Certainly not us. But we’re used to Block blowing our minds regularly.

Be sure and stay tuned, however. Because we’re here at SEMA all week, and we’re going to continue to bring you all the baddest Ford trucks we can find!

Ken Block Hoonitruck Ford F-150 SEMA 2018

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