F-250 Highboy Set to Drag Race Chevy and Dodge (Video)

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Ultimate old-truck showdown is coming and we’ve got an obvious favorite to root for as competition nears.

We’ve always been big fans of The Fast Lane Truck‘s excellent YouTube channel, and now, TFLT  has outdone itself with its new and totally awesome 1974 F-250 Highboy project, dubbed “Rusty Boy.” So far, we’ve seen the old Ford go from rough running purchase to smoothed-out driver.

Of course, TFLT doesn’t just focus on Ford trucks, unfortunately. They also own a 1985 Chevy K10 they call “Big Green.” And their close pal Mr. Truck recently picked up a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 he named “Dodgezilla Overkill.” So, it only makes sense that the trio of truck lovers would pit these old rides against each other in a series of throwback comparison tests.

F-250 Highboy

The first competition, obviously, will be a drag race. TFLT recently dropped this teaser video to get us ready for the epic showdown. And even though we’re admittedly a little worried about the Highboy’s chances, we’re still excited for the race.

Why would we worry? Well, old Rusty Boy isn’t exactly running on all cylinders. In a previous video, TFLT spent some time trying to figure out what was wrong with the truck and ultimately found that the camshaft was worn down. In the meantime, they’ve put a band-aid on it by running leaded fuel.

Meanwhile, the Chevy has a brand new crate ZZ6 350 that produces 405 horsepower. And the much newer Dodge uses a 318 and a completely rebuilt automatic transmission. Both the Ford and the Chevy have manual transmissions with a “granny gear,” so that obviously serves as another disadvantage.

Even if the Ford loses the drag race, we’re looking forward to the remaining tests. Like the off-road challenge, where it’s sure to fare well. Stay tuned and we’ll see what happens in this epic old-truck showdown!

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