F-150 ‘N7 Edition’ is for the Few, the Proud, the Heroes of Space

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F-150 N7 Edition

Redditor pays tribute to one of their favorite games with a set of special decals for their F-150.

There are many ways to have your Ford F-150. You can keep it basic with the XL trim, dominate the desert dunes and drag strips with the Raptor, or live in the lap of luxury with the top-end Limited trim. You can also add the FX4 Off-Road package to take things up a notch on those occasions when the call of nature is loud and clear.

And then, there’s the N7 package, which only a few can proudly wear on their beds, like Redditor CrazyR6Guy, who posted their F-150 on r/f150 recently. But what is the N7? Is it a high-performance sleeper package? A different take on personal luxury?

Nope. N7 is actually the highest vocational code one can achieve in the Systems Alliance military, earned by graduates from the Interplanetary Combatives Training program. As it turns out CrazyR6Guy is a fan of BioWare space opera video game franchise Mass Effect, where you play as Commander Shepard, one of a handful of known N7 graduates in the series. Shepard is fully customizable (like the F-150), can be played as a paragon of hope or gritty anti-hero (like the F-150), and can be carried over through the entire main trilogy of the series (not quite like the F-150).

So, the next time you spot an N7 F-150, know that your world, your galaxy, is in good hands. Just don’t bring up the ending of Mass Effect 3 unless you’re ready to have a long discussion about which ending is the canon ending.

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