F-Series Sales Continue Record Breaking Pace in June

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F-Series remains on pace to beat a 14-year old sales record as Ford moves nearly one million trucks and SUVs.

There were scores of detractors who came out of the proverbial woodwork to bash Ford’s seemingly misguided decision to kill off most of its passenger car lineup. But as the months wear on, the Blue Oval’s unparalleled focus on trucks is looking like a brilliant, preemptive, and shrewd business move. This is especially true as we take a glance at Ford’s impressive June sales figures. Particularly those surrounding the venerable F-Series lineup of trucks.

It was way back in 2004, before the housing crisis and corresponding market crash, when we last saw the F-Series selling so well, in fact. Now, 14 years later, Ford’s pickup truck lineup is beating that record year by 4.1% as we head into the second half. F-Series sales closed out the first half particularly strong as Ford moved 451,138 trucks. That’s a substantial 4.9% increase over last year. But June also marks 14 consecutive months that Ford trucks have experienced an increase in sales.

F-Series Super Duty

Throw in SUVs, and you’re talking about nearly a million units moved in six months – 972,555. That figure makes Ford the largest seller of trucks and SUVs in America. It also contributes to a 2.0% jump over last year. SUV sales continue to soar as well, as the Blue Oval set a June record by moving 77,453 units. Both the Ford Expedition (10.1%) and Lincoln Navigator (68.4%) continued their hot streak, which undoubtedly helped contribute to a healthy 8.9% increase over last year.

F-Series Super Duty

Despite the looming death of Ford’s passenger cars, consumers aren’t exactly lining up at dealerships looking for a bargain. Auto sales sunk 14% in June, which nearly matches a first-half drop of 13.9%. So let the pundits say what they want about Ford’s decision to can its car lineup. It’s clear that the brand isn’t in business to make them happy. They’re in it to build and sell what customers want to buy!

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