Ford F-Series Annihilates Snow Circuit

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Meet the man behind some of Ford’s toughest trucks as he tests the Raptor on a snow and ice covered proving ground. 

We have a friend whose job it is to drive new cars down a drag strip as fast as they’ll go. Best job ever? Sure, when it’s all supercars and Mustangs. But, minivan week? Toyota Camry season? You get the picture. We started thinking about what a really awesome job would look like when we stumbled across this video by Ford Canada. Ford trucks conquering a snowy course? Sign us up.

Edwin Krenz has been the Ford Performance Chief Functional Engineer since 2016. According to Ford, Krenz has the enviable task of bringing Ford Motor Company’s performance DNA to life through design and development, leading a global engineering team responsible for all functional attributes of Ford Performance products.

Man, that’s cool. Even cooler is that this involves ripping awesome trucks around a snow course in Canada. The video is barely more than a minute long. Watch it twice.

Ed Krenz Ford Performance

Though we ‘re sure he has fun with his position, his voice over speaks of a man who takes his task seriously. “The mission of what we do in Ford Performance is to win at the racetrack and apply those learnings to our Ford Performance Products,” he says. Krenz mentions how proud everyone at Ford is of the F-Series trucks. They are the smartest, toughest, and most capable. Then Krenz adds, “With the Raptor, we take that all to the next level.” Amen.

Ford Raptor Mecaglisse

The video offers a ton of gratuitous drone shots of the Mecaglisse circuit. Mecaglisse is located outside of Montreal, Canada, and features both snow and ice tracks in the winter. They do dirt/rally driving in the summers. If you decide you want to replicate a few of those moves from Krenz’s finest, you can.

“My favorite aspect of the Raptor is its aggressive styling,” Krenz says. What’s not to like about 35-inch tires, 450-hp, and some of the best suspension this side of a trophy truck? With people like Krenz on the Blue Oval team, we can’t wait to see what will come next.

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