Why Do People Tell Us We Don’t ‘Need’ Trucks?

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So-called “experts” might make you think you don’t need a truck if you don’t use it like one. But they’re wrong.

Despite the fact that trucks have evolved into perhaps the most multi-talented vehicles on the planet, owning one still comes with a bit of a stigma. And you’ve probably heard it, or been asked it, at least once in your life. Yes, we’re talking about the folks that think we don’t “need” a pickup unless we use it for its intended purpose. Apparently, we’re all supposed to be hauling concrete blocks and massive trailers everywhere we go. Every day.

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That flawed perception really gets under our skin. And, as it turns out, it bothers renowned YouTuber and Ford truck fan/owner Big Truck Big RV, too. So he decided to shoot a short video debunking the myth that you can apparently only own a pickup if you use it strictly for work. BTBR kicks things off with an interesting but accurate analogy – firearms. Those who own firearms use them for a variety of purposes, from hunting to target shooting and self-defense, after all.

The same can easily be said for pickup trucks. In the old days, they were designed for essentially one purpose. Today, trucks are built to do everything from haul the kids to soccer practice to pulling campers and RVs. The vast majority of today’s truck owners only use their truck beds on weekend jaunts to home improvement stores. Some may only throw groceries in the bed. And that’s perfectly OK.

Ford Trucks

After all, we are lucky enough to live in a country where we can drive whatever the heck we want. And the notion that we should only drive “real” trucks – regular cab, short bed, V8 models – and do so only for work purposes, is just silly. So we say, ignore all the self-proclaimed truck experts out there. If you want to buy a luxurious, $60,000+ pickup and use it only as your grocery getter, by all means, do it!

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