Ford F-550 Dump Truck Drifts Like a Pro

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Ford F-550

Can a big old hog of a heavy duty Ford also be graceful? If you’ve got the right guy behind the wheel, yes!

In the old days, you were lucky if your truck had enough grunt to break the rear tires loose. Sometimes, even on slippery surfaces like snow and ice. Today, every Ford truck on dealership floors packs power that makes even pickups built a decade ago look silly by comparison. This is especially true with the Super Duty lineup and its amazing, torque monster of a diesel motor. So sure, we know you can drift an F-250. But the real question here is, can you drift a Ford F-550?

And while we’re at it, how about a Ford F-550 with a dump bed? That extra weight and seemingly daunting task makes this a legitimate question, after all. And it’s a question that two-time rally champ and resident hooner Troy Miller was asking himself. As our friends at Ford Truck Enthusiasts discovered, he decided to try it out and record the results. And lucky for Miller, Mother Nature decided to come through with the assist.

So the answer is yes, you can in fact drift a Ford F-550 dump truck. At least in the snow. Now we’re just left to wonder if the same thing is possible on dry pavement. Judging by the skilled and graceful yet painfully short video above, we’re guessing it’s possible. At least if Miller is behind the wheel, anyway! So we’ll be patient and wait for the results, once spring decides to wake us from this frozen nap we’re currently taking!

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