Don’t Cry: Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Keeps F-150 in Divorce Settlement

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Ford F-150

Slash may have to pony up $6.6 million and $139k a month, but at least he got to keep his favorite Ford truck!

Divorces are rarely pleasant, at least financially speaking. If you’re lucky, you might escape with half your stuff in an amicable split. If you’re not, you might be staring at bankruptcy. But when you’re a world-famous musician who’s made millions upon millions of dollars in your illustrious career, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get put through the ringer.

This is pretty much what happened to iconic Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, one of the greatest axe men of all time. But according to The Blast, at least he gets to keep one important thing: his 2011 Ford F-150.

Slash, whose birth name is Saul Hudson, just finished hammering out the details of his divorce with Perla Ferrar after 17 years of wedded bliss. And it ain’t looking too pretty. For him, anyway. Slash has to pony up a whopping $6.6 million to his now ex-wife, along with $100k per month in alimony and $39k in child support. Yikes.

Ferrar also gets to keep the couple’s Los Angeles home, a Range Rover, and a pair of Mercedes. But even though this looks pretty bad on the surface, you shouldn’t feel too bad for ol’ Slash, mainly because he gets to keep his Ford F-150, which is obviously a prized possession of his. But that isn’t all.

The 53-year-old musician also gets to keep the couple’s Beverly Hills home, and more importantly, his entire guitar collection, which consists of 221 fine pieces collectively valued at $1.92 million. So there’s that, anyway.

Obviously, most of us aren’t one of the greatest guitar players of all time. But let this story serve as a cautionary tale: If you choose to take somebody’s hand in marriage, you darn well better be sure it’s going to last. Otherwise, your precious Ford F-150 could be at risk, too!

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