DDR Customs Unveils DDRGoliath Street Tune F-150

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With 775 supercharged ponies on board, this F-150 is a Lightning for the modern era.

All of us love the Raptor, that goes without question. One thing we do miss, however, is the street-focused performance of the SVT Lightning, which last saw the inside of a Ford showroom way back in 2004.

Since then, several aftermarket companies have stepped up to the plate, offering customized F-150s with enough power to make the original Lightning look like a Sunday driver by comparison. DDR Concepts is the latest company to improve on a stock F-150 with their DDRGoliath Street Trim performance pickup.

The focal point of the DDRGoliath’s performance package is the Whipple supercharger sitting pretty atop the 5.0 Coyote V8, tuned by none other than Lund Racing. The cherry on top of the horsepower sundae is the 304 stainless steel cat back exhaust system, with options for rear or side exit, chosen by the customer. This tune is good for an earth-shaking 775 horsepower, but DDR Concepts’ website states that “Race Trim” options are available.

The good old Lightning was about more than just raw power, and the DDRGoliath is no different. They fit the truck with a lowering kit they developed in-house, with multiple options available depending on how extreme the buyer wants to go. They’ll even relocate the shocks if you want to lay frame.

Of course, no custom truck is complete without a hot set of wheels, and the DDRGoliath is no different. It rides on massive, forged 22×10″ Velgen VFT series steamrollers wrapped with Nitto rubber. That’s all capped off with custom billet aluminum badging replacing the stock F-150 badging.

DDRGoliath F-150

From the looks of it, DDR Customs has a winner on their hands, with plenty of options and additional customization options to satisfy even the most discerning buyers. Watch out, Raptor owners. This is your warning.

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