Ford F-150 Mustang-Style Bed Cover: Love It or Hate It?

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Ford F-150 Mustang Bed Cap

Few parts in recent history have generated as many mixed opinions as these fastback-style Ford F-150 bed covers.

The Internet nearly exploded recently when folks discovered the existence of these Mustang-inspired Ford F-150 bed covers. And it’s pretty easy to see why. Reactions to this unique styling piece ranged from downright disgust to outright love at first sight. Heck, we’re not even sure exactly how we feel about these things, built and sold by Michigan Vehicle Solutions. So we were curious to read the many opinions offered up by F-150 Online forum members in this highly entertaining thread.

For Labnerd, the main issue with this F-150 cover isn’t looks. It’s the price tag.

“Think it’s worth the 4-6 grand it takes to buy one? Seems ridiculously expensive to me.”

Ford F-150 Mustang Fastback Bed Cover

Some people obviously hate the look, including joe51.

“It looks like a bloated Mustang to me. I notice that the lid doesn’t open very far and there are still inaccessible corners in the front. Also, I also worry about body joints on any upward facing surface due to leaks. Furthermore, the rear and rear corner visibility looks like it would be nil. It’s novel looking, but frankly I think there are better looking and better functioning covers.”

Ford F-150 Mustang Fastback Bed Cover

Fair enough. But Roadie, on the other hand, seems to favor form over function for his F-150.

“I keep a camper shell on my truck. When I was working temporary contract jobs all over the eastern half of the USA, I carried everything I could stuff in it for some minimal furnishings for an apartment at my new job. I did this for about 20 years, with my jobs lasting anywhere from 6 weeks to over 3 1/2 years. Now that I am retired, most of the year I keep beach stuff and fishing stuff in the bed because we like to drive out on the 4 miles of beach close by and enjoy the sun, sand, water, and fishing. 

I would prefer this new style over a hard tonneau cover due to the presumed improved aerodynamics and it will allow you to carry more stuff. And I suspect the price will come down as more are sold. And as the article stated, other companies are trying to buy the right to produce it.”

Ford F-150 Mustang Fastback Bed Cover

So far, we’ve received a pretty good mix of opinions on this, um, interesting F-150 bed cover. So we want to know what you think. Head over here and tell us if you’d rock this classic fastback-style cover, or if you think it’s completely hideous!

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