Chevy Owner Eyes a New Ford Based on American Production

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2019 Ford F-150

Shoppers who only want to look at American-made trucks should only be looking at Ford dealers.

All three of the American automakers build some of their trucks in the United States, but only Ford builds all of their pickups with American union labor. With the auto industry being a global affair, it is impossible to find a vehicle that is built with 100% American components, but when it comes to figuring out which automaker puts the most Americans to work to build trucks, Ford Motor Company is the clear leader.

Redditor “SitelessVagrant” recently asked the community what kind of truck has the most American content and the FordTrucks channel was happy to point out what many people know. Ford trucks keep more American laborers working than the competitors.

The Introduction

When the disgruntled Chevy owner first posed his question with the FordTrucks channel on Reddit, he explained his past experience of working on his current truck. While working around under the dash, he found that many components of the truck would made overseas. With his new truck, he wants something that provides the most benefit to the American worker.

“Uh, Hi. Chevy refugee here. Got some questions if you don’t mind.

Been a lifelong Chevy, thinking of switching over to Ford. I bought a Silverado 1500 new back in ’05, and it’s been a good little truck. I haven’t put quite a hundred thousand on it yet, and haven’t had any major problems.

The problems I did have though, were ones I can’t fix. Electrical stuff under the dash. When I first got it I remember looking into where it was built, of course, the sticker on the door says it was assembled here in the US. But the materials were manufactured…elsewhere. The components were manufactured in Mexico, I don’t know where the actual material was made though, e’g’, the wire was probably manufactured in China. I know from my profession that you have to watch Chinese manufacturing like a hawk to make sure they are providing what you ask them for.

So I was wondering if any of you guys have any answers for that, I know it’s probably the same deal, materials and components manufactured overseas and the assembled here but I’m hoping the electronics are assembled here. Again, the electronics on my Chevy were done in Mexico, and have been nothing but a fail.”

2019 Ford F-150

The Community Supports Ford

Not surprisingly, the Ford fans in the Reddit channel dedicated to America’s bestselling trucks were quick to point out that F-Series trucks are all made in the U.S.A.

Blounsbury” got the commenting started, discussing where the F-Series trucks are built:

“All of Fords trucks are assembled in the US. The F150s are assembled in Dearborn, MI. The Super Duty is assembled in Kentucky.

You’re right that the parts are from everywhere. I haven’t had any electrical problems on my Super Duty. I had a 2017 (stolen) and 2019. That’s not a problem for the that I’ve heard of on them either.”

Hotrodruby” added some more production insight:

“My F150 was assembled in Missouri. Correct the Superduty is built in Louisville KY.”

While “royboy80” reminded the group that the competitors build trucks in Mexico:

“I learned a couple weeks ago half the Silverados come from salao Mexico. Literally all the 4 door models. Some Rams are too. I do know every f 150 in the world is built in Dearborn and KC.”

Component Sources

So Ford trucks are all built in the United States, but with regard to the OP’s hope of finding a new pickup with more American components, it looks like the options are going to be limited. Every vehicle sold in the world is likely to have at least some electronic components from Asia, but it seems that the Motor Company does use some American electronics.

Alexander8002” explained that his Ranger had an American computer module:

“I don’t know anything for certain but I would imagine newer electronics are all manufactured overseas, that being said I am pretty sure the srs computer for my older ranger was made in the us because when I replaced it had a label saying so and they may do the same with newer trucks.”

2018 Ford F-150 Front

DutchessActual” commented with a similar sentiment:

“Everything electrical damn near is made overseas. Nothing we can do about it. I’m sure the PCM is US but I truly don’t know”

So in the end, it is impossible to buy a new truck that is made with 100% American components, but if you want a truck that you know was assembled in the United States, Ford is the answer.

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