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Chevy Owner Eyes a New Ford Based on American Production

2018 Ford F-150 Front

Shoppers who only want to look at American-made trucks should only be looking at Ford dealers.

  Comments | By - February 14, 2019

New Super Duty 7.3-Liter Gas V8 Could Fit in the Raptor

2017 F-150 Raptor

Previous Raptor featured a similar V8 to the Super Duty lineup and people want a new V8 Raptor.

  Comments | By - February 12, 2019

2020 Ford Super Duty Offers Highest Ever Towing & Payload Capacities

f150online.com 2020 Ford Super Duty

Revamped Super Duty lineup gets fresh styling, a new gas engine, more powerful Power Stroke diesel, and a 10-speed automatic.

  Comments | By - February 6, 2019

TNT Rescue Ford F-350 Outfitted to Make Pro Racing Safer in 2019

TNT Rescue Ford F-350

Packed with lifesaving equipment, F-350 is set to bring a better, quicker safety response to NMRA/NMCA races.

  Comments | By - November 26, 2018

1972 Ford F-250 Ranger is California Clean

1972 Ford F-250 Ranger Front Corner

Interior is rough and the engine needs work, but the body of this 1972 F-250 is very clean for its age.

  Comments | By - October 4, 2018

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