Freshest Ford Trucks from the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

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Ford Trucks of FTE

Our brother site is chock full of new members and new Ford truck projects. Here is just a small, tasty sampling.

Here at F-150 Online, we aren’t afraid to scour the very depths of the internet to find you the coolest Ford truck content. But we didn’t have to go very far to discover these amazing pickups, you see. All it took was a quick spin around our brother site, Ford Truck Enthusiasts. There we scoped out the new member section and rounded up some of the coolest trucks these new folks had to offer.

Fresh content like this is par for the course over at FTE. So if you haven’t already joined the party yet, we’d advise doing so. And learning your way around the forums is a snap, thanks to this handy beginner’s guide. In the meantime, enjoy the latest and greatest they have to offer!

Ford Trucks of FTE

Member travis_1990 is the consummate Ford fan, having owned many different makes and models over the years. Our favorite is this killer 1979 F-150 that he rebuilt from the ground up. Sadly, he made the mistake of getting rid of it years ago. But to make up for that regrettable decision, he’s wrenching on a ’77 F-150 now.

Ford Trucks of FTE

Member bubbaclaus has also owned quite a few cool Ford trucks over the years, including this awesome ’82 F-150. His past rides include a flat bed ’76 F-250 and lifted ’95 F-150. Needless to say, he’s got some pretty impeccable taste when it comes to classic Ford iron.

Ford Trucks of FTE

Speaking of good taste, we’d say that Shane Benitez picked the perfect project to make his daily driver. This ’90 F-150 has the legendary 300 inline-six under the hood and tons of potential. He joined FTE to learn more about the truck and seek help from our knowledgeable members along the way. Sounds like a solid plan to us!

Ford Trucks of FTE

New member pagreencat is admittedly stoked about his new-to-him 2011 Ford F-150. The truck served most of its life as a utility vehicle, but looks no worse for wear. Now he plans on fixing up everything worn out or not working.

If you want to join in and share your sweet Ford truck with us at FTE, you can get started by heading over here. Who knows, maybe we’ll give your ride the feature it deserves, too!

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