Amazing Early Ford Truck Collection Is a Must-See (Photos)

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Ford Truck

Step back in time with incredible assortment of Model T and A variants.

With the runaway success every model of Ford truck enjoys today, it’s easy to forget that trucks were once basically non-existent. Until Ford offered their very first commercial truck chassis in 1917, buyers had to opt for dealer-modified cars with truck beds. But it didn’t take long for Ford to realize that trucks were the wave of the future. So, the¬†Blue Oval built just about any configuration you could ever want.

When it comes to those early Model T and Model A Ford truck variants, you’ll have a hard time finding a better collection than the one present at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. Among the many other incredible automobiles on display lies an entire, stand-alone replica Ford dealership full of them.

Gilmore Car Museum

There are more “common” models like the 1929 Model A Roadster pickup and 1932 Model B. There’s a closed-cab 1931 Model A and even a 1934 Deluxe Panel Delivery. And if you’re into commercial trucks, you’ll see everything from a 1928 Model AA fire truck to a 1930 AA Oil Tanker and Service Car Wrecker. Heck, there’s even a a platform truck complete with a 1929 Model A tractor on the back.

Ford trucks

It’s all served up in one of the most awesome history lessons we’ve ever seen. Surrounding the two most iconic and historically significant vehicles ever produced. So, if you ever find yourself near Western Michigan, be sure and pay the Gilmore a visit. In the meantime, enjoy these photos and take a trip back to when the Ford truck phenomenon first began.

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