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4 wheel drive will not disengage all the way

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4 wheel drive will not disengage all the way

New to this site. I have a 2004 f-150 four wheel drive. Started to notice a roaring noise in front end. After jacking up the left front end and spinning the tire I hear a clicking noise. Replaced hub assembly same problem. However if I put it in four wheel drive and turn off, the clicking go"s away. When I shut the truck off a few seconds later after spinning the tire the clicking comes back. Even if you do this process while driving you still hear the roaring. Any help would be great.
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Check the vacuum hoses to your 4wd actuators (auto hubs). One might be crimped or has a hole in it. The actuators work off of vacuum when you start the engine. If no vacuum is present then the hub will try to engage and you will get a nasty grinding sound. It's a single small hose. There is the brake hose, which is metal, the ABS hose which looks like 2 hoses fused together and the vacuum hose. Same thing happened to me. Good luck.
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