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obd II codes P1151,1131,P0316 and P0302

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obd II codes P1151,1131,P0316 and P0302

The last two winters while warming my truck up I got codes P1151 and 1131. Truck ran fine so I just noted it and cleared them out (I had a 1995 that would get codes on cold days). Anyways, now my truck stumbles when I first accelerate. Now I have codes P0316 and P0302 (cylinder 2 misfire). Any chance ignoring the first ones caused the second ones? I have changed the spark plug and tested the wire going to cylinder # 2 but the problem still persists. Anyone have any suggestions.
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Year, model, and engine are always helpful in trying to help. Here's yer trouble code and usual fixes:
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2003 F150 2wd, 4.2L V6. I forgot to mention pcodes 1151 and 1131 are both "manufactuer control fuel air metering". 1151 is ecm couldn't adjust fuel trim because of lean or rich condition. 1131 is ECM detected bank 1 02 at its lean condition. And like I said, now my engine stumbles at acceleration from stop, and I'm getting a misfire in cylinder 2 in the 1st 1000 rev.
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