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E4OD Transmission Problem


Old 02-25-2003, 03:18 PM
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E4OD Transmission Problem

I've got a 92 F150 2WD with 186,000 miles and an E4OD tranny that has developed what appears to be a sticking clutch in the torque converter. The shop manual is a bit vague on the subject, but talks about what we know as the "lock-up" torque converter clutch and also something called a "one-way" clutch in the torque converter. It has two problems: 1. When the truck is cold, (and it gets below zero where I live) when you come to a complete stop, it kills - the tranny is loading the engine to the point where it stalls. If I throw it in neutral before stopping it is OK, but sometimes stalls when I put it back in gear. If I do a "rolling stop" it is OK, but starts to drag the engine down if I roll too slow. It feels like the tranny is trying to get from 3rd or 4th back to low as I stop then it kills - even if I have it in low and it never was able to shift to a higher gear. When it gets warmed up it is OK. I think the torque converter is holding on to the engine.
2nd problem - warm or cold, most often when I shift from drive to reverse, the tranny jams the engine, stopping it immediately with a jerk, even if I let it sit a couple seconds in neutral. Restarting and letting it idle 10 or 15 seconds, it then goes into reverse fine.
It does these things before and after the temp sensor activates torque converter lock-up - I can see that by the tach. Also, there is a test in the shop manual where once it is warmed up, you hold a constant 50 MPH and momentarily tap the brake with your left foot, and the RPM rises when the brake is applied as the brake light switch triggers the converter to unlock - this works fine.
I got a computer error code for the tranny MLPS (Manual Lever Position) switch and replaced it - this did not help, although I no longer get that error code now.
I think the torque converter has a problem, - anyone have any thoughts on this?
I am planning on replacing the truck in a couple of months, so don't want to put much into it, and I have no desire to pull the torque converter myself, so - is there any whiz-bang mechanic in a can that has an outside chance of fixing internal torque converter problems? Would the problem actually be in valves in the transmission that control the torque converter? Would a can of wonder-juice fix a valve if one exists? If not, replacing the valve body is easy compared to the torque converter if chemistry doesn't work.
I know just enough about transmissions to be dangerous! Please help!
The motor runs great!
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Old 02-25-2003, 09:45 PM
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It sounds to me as if the filter may have fallen out of the pump or the fluid level is a little low. This can cause the lock up clutch to come on. I like to see the E4OD filled over the mark by a quart(1/2 " or so). If that doesn't fix the problem drop the pan and see if the filter has fallen out of the pump. Give these checks a shot- it may save you some trouble. P.S. a mlps code can be set by having the a/c or defrost on during the test or the vehicle being in any other gear besides Park during the test.
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Old 03-06-2003, 02:34 PM
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Thanks Transdude, I'll check it out. Just thinking about it, I havn't checked the fluid level for a long time, since it never has leaked any in its 187,000 miles. I changed the fluid and filter at 150,000, and don't think I've checked the level since! Stupid of me, years ago that was the first thing I'd look at with tranny problems.
Thanks for the tip on the MLPS test - I'll watch carefully for that in the future. I did have the AC, defrost, etc off and it was in park during the error code tests - before I replaced the MLPS, I could clear the codes and rerun the test and the code would be gone. A day or two later, it would give the code again, so I think it stored it sometime while driving, but it doesn't now since I replaced the switch.
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Old 03-18-2003, 02:36 PM
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It was low on fluid and works fine now. Sometimes a guy thinks he knows too much and doesn't check the easy stuff! I must have sprung a leak.
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