Rear End Whine

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Thats the very reason I got out.

It took me another five months before Ford Settled. I ended up recieving $7900 dollars above what the layer took. I then took the truck the next day with that cash in hand and traded it in on a 2005 Toyota Tundra Double cab. I was able to wipe out my negative equity with a rebate that Toyota had on the Tundra at that time. Took the cash as a down payment and I have never been better. The Toyota now has 40100 miles on it with not one problem at all since I purchased it. I get better gas milage than the Ford. Also belive it or not it pulls my boat 5300 pounds better than the Ford did due to the 5 speed transmission.

I am sorry your having the same problems I had. Its a shame it really makes you wonder how they are going to make it in this economy.

Your proof of it failing again at a later time was another reason why I refused to take there extended warranty offer.

Good luck to all of you guys with it.

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Originally Posted by javelinR20 View Post
I have a 2002 f150 fx4, had a rearend whine around 45 mph when it had around 20K miles. took it to ford and they when thru 6 pumpkin gears, rings, bearings, the works. I tried to get them to replace the whole assembly but they don't make them anymore. after a year of messing with this and the third ford engineer looking at it, they figured out it needed to be shimmed .10 to the left and that took care of the problem until now. I have 102K miles and the noise is now a howl and gets worse at higher speeds this time the money has to come out of my pocket.
But what are you going to do since they don't have the entire rear assembly available anymore?

I too have had the whine since i got the truck w/ 50K on it and now have 110K and it's a bit louder but still somewhat tolerable........guess i should start lookin for a new USED truck

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I am gonna count myself as lucky, (where is the wood at?). I have 112,000 on my 04 and only had a needle bearing go flat and had to replace the torque converter, still a $800 fix but better than rebuilding the tranny for $1,700. I feel all of your pain because I am in no position to dish out cash for a new ride.
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Does anyone know if all 97-03 rear axles are bolt in swaps? Wonder what are the least problematic rear axles ... maybe I can get one that is being scrapped & get a decent one?
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My rear axle started to whine around 90,000 miles and had the carrier bearings, pinion bearings replaced to solve the problem. Transmission started to shift funny because of all the small micro metal pieces from the the bearings collecting on the sensor that sends information for the ABS braking, transmission among other things.
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mine vibs really bad around 55 and 70. iam worried to take mine to get looked at cause it has bags on it
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Originally Posted by wattman1 View Post
I just traded in my 2003 SCrew and I swear it had the same squeak you have described coming from the front passenger side. My truck had low miles when I traded it, and it hadn't developed the rear-end whine but that squeak sure sounds familiar!

All that money for a truck and it should work properly - if it doesn't, the dealer or Ford should make it right. I understand there will be some inconsistencies in parts, assembly and the manufacturing process, but the dealer should do everything they can to remedy your problems.

Good luck with the rear end whine. I am just hoping my 2004 doesn't develop the VIBRATIONS I keep hearing about!
belive it or not i had the squeak also and had numerous things replaced until buddy say its your tail gate , shot wd on each side noise gone , made ford dealer crazy because they couldnt find problem , when i told them what i did they didnt beleive me lol but every once in a while youll need to give er a shot go figure
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Originally Posted by options13 View Post
Does anyone know if all 97-03 rear axles are bolt in swaps? Wonder what are the least problematic rear axles ... maybe I can get one that is being scrapped & get a decent one?
Doing a swap only makes sense if you had a catastrophic failure.

Removing one, because it whines a little, so you pay for a used one, swap it all out and 2 days later, you have it all back together only only to hear it whines even louder.......
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I was talking with someone about this and he told me he has the same truck as me ( 04 screw) and that he drained his axle and filled it with 2 quarts of 75-140 Royal Purpul and 1 quart Lucas oil and his whine was all but totaly gone.
I haven't tried this but I am thinking about it.
Has anyone heard of this?
Good,bad what do you think?
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I think its amazing that this a six year post congradulations
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Whine, whine ,whine

I have a 2006 Screw XLT Lariat 4x4. Rearend whines at all times. No matter how fast or slow I go. It started around 65,000 miles. WTH is going on? This is the first Ford I have ever owned. Everything else has been GM products. By far the worst truck I have ever had and I take good care of my vehicles. I am pulling the cover off in a couple of weeks. Guess we will see...
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My 01 just starting doing it with 45,000 on it so as of now ford has no definite way of fixing it other then replacing the entire rear end then you can't get any more?
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i had an issue with mine with 130k that was from water in the rear. some lube tech somewhere zip tied my vent tube to the body because i ripped it right off the diff and there it was hanging from the body. so my issue isn't the same but the solution is the same. i took it to an axles and transmission shop in a scary part of town and they rebuilt it. i have 185k and no sounds at all. I'd say if you like your ride, just get it fixed by someone who knows what they're doing and forget the dealer. It sucks but dealers just don't have experienced techs for every position.
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Axle bearings

Originally Posted by Smithy View Post
I am curious, the rear end whine that people are experiencing, is it like the way I described it in my previous post? Between 40-60 MPH under slight acceleration? If it is and you get some answers please post.
Aaxle bearings will make that sound at a certain speed. Usually between 50 to 65 mph. If it quietens back down around 70 mph or when you let off the accelerator then I would check the axle bearings.

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