Rear End Whine

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I was just kidding. I'll take the whine over the odd looking exterior and late 90's interior of the chevy.
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I have that same problem i am also getting a thud noise when i turn also and they said i have to wait till the gears go out and at that time they dont see a solution besides replacing the gears but that doenst mean that it will take the noise away.
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I too have the whine. My dad noticed it first, but I have an 03 Screw 5.4 with 3.73 ls...It's very light and I have 20k miles on it. I'm thinking about putting in some 4.56's and a real locker, so I'm not too worried about it. Has anybody else done this and has it worked?
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I realize that this doesn't pertain to the whining problem, but I noticed a leak in the rear end of my 02. Threre is a leak where the axle housing goes into the differential on the right side. It looks like the oil is seeping through that area. I had the dealer look at it at 34k. They swear it is not leaking? The differential cover is also rusting. They claim that this is normal? My truck is now out of warranty, so I imagine when all of this goes bad, i will be left footing the bill
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Trade-Ya kcward

I think your rear end leak would be considered "oil sweat". If it is not enough to create a drip, I would worry about it at all. If you wanted to you could clean the area off with brake clean and a wire brush and put a small bead of oil resistant RTV.

Regarding the rust, if you look under your truck you will see rust all over the frame rails, brackets, etc. This is normal and going to happen unless you powder coat your frame and only drive it on dry sunny days.
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Rear End Whine

Ford just replaced the Ring Gear, Pinion, carriers and both axle bearing in my wifes 02 Screw. They put a anti friction additive in also. The dealer said Ford recommends it.
I could hear the whine from 35MPH all the way through 55MPH. It had gotten so bad that from 35 to 55 the rear end would whine while under steady accleration. In that MPH range, there was no way you could drive it and not listen to the whine. Driving back from Homestead last week, I could hear the beginning of the whine while cruising at 70. That did it for me. I had already documented this problem with my local Ford Dealer and I told them I wanted it fixed now, and under warrenty. The truck has 40,000 miles on it and I have extended warrenty on it, but I felt Ford should fix it and I shouldn't have to be out any deductible. Well, to make a long story short, the service manager and I drove it and he agreed. The truck only has a couple of hundred miles on it since the change, but the rear end actually seems better than when new. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Thanks to all those who have detailed their rear end whine problems in this forum. Knowledge is Power.

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Angry 150 whining

I have the same issue with a 2004- this is one of many issues- of which the dealership says it is within the ford noise limits!!!!
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I posted on this issue a long time ago, I finally have resolved this in my 03 SC. I work for the dealer as an advisor, my truck had the whine from 65 mph on at constant accel and was very loud and annoying. We had the updated driveshaft put in, that cured it for about 20 miles, then, we overhauled the diff, new gears,bearings and carrier. It was ok for about 200 miles.

Finally I got my zone rep to approve putting a whole disc to disc diff unit in. Went to order it, found out it had been discontinued, great I thought. So anyway we got a bare case and built the diff from scratch, I am proud to say this was THE FIX I had been looking for for the past 35k miles.
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Well I just figured I would give all of you on this site an update. Ford has tried FOUR times to fix the whine in the rear end, with no luck. I got a lawyer and I am in the process of Breach of Warranty claim againts Ford. I think its just the principle of the matter you pay 30 thousand plus dollars for a truck at least they could fix it. So far Ford has denied the pretrial claim. So my lawyer is filing the lawsuit. I missed the lemon law in my state by one MONTH. This was due to the fact that Ford took there time in trying to fix my truck. The problem started inside of the time limit but by the time they had tryed to fix it four times it was a month out. Oh well. The lawyer is working on Consignment nothing out of my pocket. If you guys want there help let me know. There main office is on Ford Avenue. To funny. Hope everybody else, has better luck than I did. I am sorry that all of you are having the same problem. But Knowledge is Power. I hope that I have helped all of you. I will update everybody again if something happens.

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Took my truck in for an oil change today. While it was there I told them I had the rear end whine and asked what they were doing about it. They told me they were doing nothing about it, it was a slight noise and no damage was being done in the process. Without proof of any failures occurring because of the whine I felt that I could not make a case to have it replaced. From the postings, the only fix is a complete rear end replacement. I like my truck alot and will be trading before warranty is up any how. Just picking my battles I guess. As for the 99 Windstar we had with the pinging engine, we won that battle and made out quite well with the Lemon Law.
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Here's an update... Its been awhile since they last rebuilt the rear end. So far, still no whine. However, I have now picked up a vibration at about 42 MPH & 72 MPH. Any ideas??? Driveshaft? Tires? Looks like my dealership will be getting a call real soon.
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My S`crew has the whine bad,I`m outa warranty got 39K on it,am I S`crewed ?
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Ask them to check the angle between the rear diff and the driveshaft. If it is more than 2.5 degrees off then it should be adjusted.
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Wombat - Thanks for the information. I'll let them know.
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Thumbs down rear end issues

I have a 2002 f150 fx4, had a rearend whine around 45 mph when it had around 20K miles. took it to ford and they when thru 6 pumpkin gears, rings, bearings, the works. I tried to get them to replace the whole assembly but they don't make them anymore. after a year of messing with this and the third ford engineer looking at it, they figured out it needed to be shimmed .10 to the left and that took care of the problem until now. I have 102K miles and the noise is now a howl and gets worse at higher speeds this time the money has to come out of my pocket.

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