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Explorer AWD T case to 4406 conversion

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Explorer AWD T case to 4406 conversion

Hey there, I am new here but not to this stuff.
I frequent the Explorer forums, Ranger forums and the BII forums.

I have a 96 Explorer V8 (5.0L ) with 4r70W trans and AWD explorer t case (all time AWD) I am in parts collecting stage of gathering what I need to convert this truck to a true 4x4.

So far I have a 2001 F-150 manual shift 4406 T case with 7 miles on it
I have front and rear drive shafts from a 2000 Expedition
I have a floor shifter from a 2000 F-150

The only thing keeping me from BOLTING this stuff into my Explorer is the VSS (Speed sensor) My 4406 t case has the stator style VSS, I need the gear driven style VSS tailhousing!!!! (97-98 F-150, exped)

I have been searching ALL OVER for either:
the tail housing from a 97-98 4406 t case
complete builder/core 97-98 4406 t case (cheap)

all I can find are used cases or rebuilt cases from $350-700

I am willing to trade my 96 AWD T case to somebody who would like to convert their F-150 to AWD, it is a 96 model, will bolt up to the back of the 4r70w, my case has 85K miles on it and has had frequent fluid changes.
I can even include driveshafts. Or I will buy the parts I listed above.

Thanks for reading! Great forum, I will be wathcing for exped's or F150's being parted out

my conversion thread:
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Hey, buddy, welcome to the land of real trucks, not those station wagons y'all drive over on the *other* boards. :P :P


edit: Oh, and for the parts, try www.car-part.com... they're usually pretty good about having entire assemblies available. I'm not sure if the VSS pickup off a 97 or 98 will be a plug-and-play or not though... might need to use a Superlift TruSpeed unit or something similar to compensate if it's not the same.


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