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What would it cost to paint a truck?

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What would it cost to paint a truck?

My truck as a good number of door dings, dents a bumps. I alos noted that there is a significant amount of cracking in the paint in the water channels on the roof.

What would I expect to pay for a proper paint job at a body shop (not the Maaco type job)?
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I would not be able to tell you how much its going to cost. But its probably going to be alot if there is alot of body work. It also depends alot on your paint color. Some paint colors are far more expensive than others. Just an example but I have royal blue that cost me 38dollars a half pint. So getting a shop to completely repaint my truck would cost me an arm and a leg. It all depends on the body work and paint color but if I was going to just give you a blind estimate I would say anywhere from 1500 to 2500. If it was any more than that I would find some place else to paint it.
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The best thing you can do is go get some estimates. Body work is going to be the main wildcard. The more work, the more expensive the job. Nonetheless the price you pay for the paint job will determine the outcome for the most part. Maaco can paint a truck for a few hundo but it will probably look it. Those places are just hosing down cars with little prep and inferior products. If going this route I would suggest rattle canning it and it will turn out about the same. On the other end you can get a high end custom paint job for tens of thousands of dollars. For a factory finish I would expect to pay 2500 to 4000 for it.
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You could even try it yourself if you have little courage. Some of the best paint jobs come from a $60 husky paint gun. Its all in the prep too. Do as much as you can and you will save alot of money. Bodywork is not super hard and with you in florida you could do it right in your driveway. Bang the dent out, grind, bondo, sand, prime, next. Being a truck you could pull the bed off and work on it as two halves to give you more room in a one car garage. A coulpe ten dollar fans, plastic sheeting and some general use air filters for furnaces at home depot and wet your garage floor before you spray. Just a thought. You might learn something and have a little fun.
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Thanks for the replies.

The body work my truck needs is pretty much paint scrapes and scratches in 99% of the cases. There is only one place that needs body filler and its not that extensive.

I think I will be better off looking to get the roof re-sprayed to correct the cracking and maybe the panel that needs the body work as well as the bumpers. Its been a while since I did any paint correction work with the buffer, but I think I can resotre the rest of the truck with some touch up paint and some patience with the buffer.

If a body shop would do it in the $1,500 range, I might consider that. I could prep it myself (mask, remove lights, etc) but I wouldn't feel confident in actually painting the thing.
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here is a $10,000 paint job all House of Kolor products Orion Silver with Kandy Kobalt Blue and Kandy Tangerine Orange
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Before you start a d.i.y. paint job, realize that to get half decent results you're gonna have over 1500 in matierials. for real. i've been a body man for 17 years and can tell you that the days of a decent looking thousand dollar paint job are long gone. and if you screw it up, you're out that money. Painting outside in florida sounds like a recipe for disaster. rumor has it you got lots of bugs down there.
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