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Originally Posted by lovetrucks View Post
What an a$$!!!! Then MOVE! I love it here. Would never move!!!!!
Some people can't move job or family....How are your Taxes doing?!!!...LOL!!!:banan a:
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Here's an email I've been sending out to my liberal family, friends and co-workers ... pass it on ... copy & drop the whole thing into your own email blitz ... what ever it takes to make the point ... let it go viral >
Tired of the Donald Trump & Hillary ‘Springer’ Show?
Me too, however, this election is NOT about the personalities of our two candidates; they aren’t perfect, nor are we. What ‘hangs in the balance’ is something much bigger than Donald or Hillary. This election is about the state of the union (i.e. the breath-taking moral decline in America and National Security). We cannot ‘sit this one out’.
Both candidates have presented their cases, their positions are clear and the outcome of this election will have implications well into the future, not just the next four to eight years. Their decisions will be the catalyst that either castrates this nation or revives this nation. Wouldn’t you agree America is unique and we are indeed a privileged people? So much so, people groups from around the world, who are under oppressive governments’, desire the liberties we take for granted. America wake up, we are on the precipice of losing it all. If we don’t make a course correction going into this presidential go-around, we face national suicide.
It’s the eleventh hour; let’s turn off the TV (with all its lunacy) and stop listening to the media for a moment; it’s time rise above all that and ‘Go Deeper’. We must base our voting decision on the ‘Truth’. We need to look beyond the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of the career politicians and we need to pay close attention to ALL the ‘judges’ at the federal, state and local levels. The appointment of ‘judges’ is so important that the presidential candidates are totally focused on who they will appoint as Supreme Court Justices, to meet their objectives.
That said, grab a cup of coffee and get to a quiet place. I am going jump right in and comment on the ‘Big Issues’. First, I’m going to speak into two Supreme Court decisions that have literally destroyed the American Family and led to the moral collapse of this great nation. These rulings relate to human dignity. Secondly, I’m going to speak into the topic of national security and the catastrophic failures of past administrations. Yep, I’m going to ‘Open up a Can’. For the sake of brevity, I’ll cut to the chase. Be warned this commentary will be morally convicting. When you go to the poles, I encourage you; DO NOT overlook where the judges stand on ‘these two issues’!
Under the current administration, the Supreme Court has had remarkable success in redefining the institution of marriage under the Defensive of Marriage Act (DOMA). While we were sleeping America, with little resistance, in a short amount time, DOMA was passed and pushed down to the state level; Sadly, the new ‘options’ for marriage are: a boy can marry a boy, a girl can marry a girl. What next? For crying out loud the parts don’t even fit? No wonder our children are sexually confused and need options in selecting a bathroom?
Already, in many of our public school text books, children are being indoctrinated to this deviant life-style as being a normal alternative and acceptable. Be perfectly clear before going to the poles and ask yourself “How do I define marriage?” Man and woman? You’ve answered correctly. Fight this at every level. Don’t be intimidated by the poisonous doctrine of political correctness, exercise your 1st amendment right, before it is gone. How we vote today will impact the quality of life for your children and their children’s children.
Speaking of children; the Supreme Court voted in favor of Roe v. Wade in 1973 … striking down the ‘Right to Life’ argument. That said; let’s look at the principal of ‘cause & effect’. First, let’s unpack a dark truth that is neatly concealed under the clinical label of ‘family planning’, aka abortion? How convenient, since when does family planning included the calculated murder of another family member? To date, inside mommy’s womb, that should be the safest place in the world for a baby, Americans have conveniently murdered (i.e. beheaded, burned, scrambled and/or dismembered) 55million living souls. Shame on us, we’ve been doing this for an ‘entire’ generation (40+ years). Now that we’ve sacrificed (murdered) 55 million unborn children we’ve created a ‘vacuum’ in the American workforce. Question; who’s going to fill all those vacancies? Here’s an interesting fact, according to the ‘Debates of the 107th Congress’ it was recognized an average of about 1.3M immigrants enter the United States each year. Since Roe v. Wade, that comes to a little over 55 million. Are, you still there?
Speaking of immigration hard-working people from all around the world have come to America (some illegally) to work and provide for their families, as a bonus they’ve alleviated the ‘work-force vacuum’ (remember, we murdered our workers). However, beneath the surface there is a greater issue, one that is a clear and present danger to our national security. Masquerading as immigrants are those who have criminal intent and the desire to take advantage of and/or destroy everything America stands for. Yep, I’m profiling, their radicalized Muslims. The invasion and lawlessness acts carried out by Muslim immigrants in Germany and France are prime examples.
For those of you who are unaware; sorry to burst your bubble Mr. President, but Islam is not a religion of peace. Granted not every Muslim is a terrorist, but for the most part, every terrorist act has been carried out by a Muslim. Our enemy is an ‘ideology’ and the adherent followers of Islam are religiously committed to eradicate all non-Muslims, establish a world-wide ‘Caliphate’ and implement Sharia law. Sharia law always takes precedence over the government or nation, in which it resides. One only needs to turn on the TV to see the barbaric acts of genocide taking place in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Is evil real, you bet! Whether you or I believe in Jihad or not, they do! Wake up American! We’ve been affectionately labeled by Jihadists as “The Great Satan”?
Here’s something to ponder, the president tells us we are winning the war on terror, really? Nice spin on the facts! Actually, the reason the fighting forces appear to be diminishing is because they’ve left the Middle East and are storming our borders today and are systematically embedding themselves deep within our communities to form ‘Sleeper Cells’. Before you go to the poles, ponder this “What do the candidates promise to do about illegal immigration? Offer amnesty or close our borders? What do Islam and Sharia Law have to offer America?
Don’t fret, there’s still hope … The question begs to be asked, “If Jihadist’s are in America then why aren’t we witnessing the same heinous acts of genocide and the lawlessness in our streets, similar to what Germany, France, Iraq and Syria are experiencing?” What is keeping our nation safe right now? What is preventing these ‘potential’ sleeper cells from going ‘kinetic’? That’s simple: God, Guns and Glory. In other words: God’s amazing grace … Guns, the armed citizen (the 2nd amendment) … Glory, national pride (the Declaration of Independence).
What an amazing country we live in, I believe our founding fathers were onto something when they crafted the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Before you and I go to the poles it would do us good to revisit these documents. Young & old alike need to be reminded, forgetfulness and lack of knowledge are fertile ground for unexpected and often unwanted change. Don’t buy into the lie that the Constitution is a living document. Don’t just roll-over and drink the kool-aid of political correctness, or believe the lies of the manipulative media. Don’t let career politicians continue to destroy our liberties? This election is about liberty!
The language of the Constitution is like no other, its Preamble start’s out by saying “We the People …” there is no room for just me, myself and I. The remainder of the Preamble then details the objectives of the Constitution and the government it establishes. More importantly, we can no longer ignore the breath-taking moral decay of this nation either. We need to make a 180 degree course correction; if we turn our back on God, there will be national judgment! If we take away the Guns and disarm the citizens, Jihadist will go ‘kinetic’! If we don’t re-vitalize patriotism to its former Glory, then the old motto will ring true … “United We Stand Divided We Fall.”
So, America, let’s learn from the folly our past administrations, take responsibility for our actions and move-on; for those who believe in evolution, are we evolving. Even if you don't like the Donald Trump & Hillary ‘Springer’ Show; each candidate’s stance is very-very clear on each of the issues discussed. I’m sure we want a president and those HE appoints to the Supreme Court, to defend the Constitutional, right? Don’t sit this election out! Let’s put some steel in the backbone of America, and exercise our right to vote. Now get out there and vote!
Me and my house are voting for TRUMP/PENCE

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