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Homemade Cold Air Intake

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Homemade Cold Air Intake

I read a post from Chainsaw13 about installing a homemade cold air intake using flexible PVC pipe and a couple of other parts. I would like to do something like that, but would like to find out exactly where he installed this. I am assuming he cut a hole in the bottom of the box. Chainsaw13 - is this right?? You wouldn't happen to have any pics of yours would you??

Thanks guys!!
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I don't have easy access to a digital camera, so it's been tough for me to get pics up.

Here's what I did.

Cut a 3" diameter hole the bottom of the airbox, on the left side (if you are looking at the box standing in front of the truck). The other side is where it connects to its bracket. I then took a 3" diameter PVC drain that I found at Home Depot and cut out the interior grating so it was completely open for air flow. A small bead of silicone was place around flange on the drain to help seal it to the airbox. I then screwed through the flange into the stock airbox with some small screws. This totally secured the drain to the airbox. This completes the mods to the airbox.

Next, I ran a length of flexible/expandable 3" dryer duct down through the engine compartment, towards the left front wheel well. You may have to push the plastic inner skirt in to fit the hose down through. If you run it down through towards the front of the truck, the skirt won't interfere wiith the tire. Then just run it out towards the front to pickup incoming air. I currently have mine coming out behind the lower grill. Use some zip ties to secure the hose.

That's all there is to it.

I'll see what I can do to get pics up.
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I didnt use the stock airbox, but I have pics of something similar:
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I am running about 8 degrees over air temp on the highway. 25 degrees over in traffic. Does anyone know of a way to block off hot air from getting to the fender air inlets?

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