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bad battery cell?

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bad battery cell?

What are the symptoms of a bad battery cell? I heard that if you have a bad cell your alternator can't charge the batt. is that true? Here's what happened: I was going through some woods, and my battery light came on ('98 AExpedition 4x4). Decided to drive home, and it stayed on for the next 45 Interstate miles. Got home without a problem, but then after about 20 minutes, I went out to start the truck and I get nothing. It sounded like the battery was totally dead. It wouldn't jump off of another battery, so I charged it for about 20 minutes. Weak start after the charge, so I drove around to try to charge it back up. I only got about 1 mile before it died on me again. Somebody gave me a battery buddy to try to start it - nothing doing. So luckily, I had brought the battery charger w/me - charged it up again. Got about half way home, and it died on me again. I had to push te beast the rest of the way and it is sitting in my driveway right now.
Right before it dies, the electronic compass will start flashing, followed by the guages going dead, then the power steering/power breaks - finally, right before the engine dies I hear a beeping coming from somewhere in the dash, (sounds like the "emergency Interruption" beeps you hear on the TV when there is a storm warning message).

So what should I do? I'm going to charge the battery all day today, and drive around my neighborhood, if it happens again, aI'll take the battery in for testing. Has anyone else had this problem?

Remember- it started right after I was doing some very very light off-roading, I wonder if I seperated a plug up under my engine or somewhere from some undercarriage debris. Alternator? No idea here- any ideas would be appreciated.
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check the wiring up at the may have pulled one off and it's up against the frame
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Once your battery has been heavily discharged, you will NEVER get it back to 100% again. It sounds like it has happened to you several times, I would replace it ASAP! The quickest simple way to diagnose batteries and alternator problems is to check with a voltmeter.

Engine running - should read roughly 14.1-14.4V DC at battery
Engine off - good battery should read 12.3 +- .1. at battery
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