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Annoying clicking sound in rear of truck?!?! > Annoying clicking sound in rear of truck?!?!
1997 - 2003 F-150

Annoying clicking sound in rear of truck?!?!


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F150 Rear End Clicking Noise

I have a similar problem with my truck. I have an 02 F150 that I have heard a clicking noise from the rear end for some time now. I first thought it was the brakes and pulled the rear wheels to inspect and did not find a problem. I think raised the rear of the truck and rotated the wheels by hand and felt a "bump" feeling about every 1/4 turn.

I then opened the rear diff case and found that the spider gears were moving outward when the wheels are turned and I can see some wear on the gears. Looks like there must have been washers or spacers of some kind on the outside of the spider gears that are severly worn or missing.

I am thinking about replacing the whole carrier with a detroit locker but have not made my mind up on that one yet. I am still driving the truck but know the rear end could go out soon.


Originally Posted by xoo1 View Post
I have a clicking sound It is a very loud clicking.It comes from the back under the truck and i listen to it it sound from rear left i had changed the brake line 2 month ago It does not do it all the time. I notice it most often at all speeds ( 25-65mph). It will do it when I am coasting, braking, accelerating, and turning. It does not seem to matter what I am doing, as long as I am going at a any speed. But as I said, it has done it in all the above scenarios.
please help
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