Restored 1978 Ford F-250 is Smokin’ In Silver

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Classic F-250 is a heavy duty burnout machine that proves bigger is better, and badass.

If you’re lucky enough to drive a classic Ford F-250, you get to enjoy that extra power, durability, style, and torque. And, if you’re lucky enough to have a restored 1978 sixth-generation F-series, you should do everyone a favor and show that truck off like the boss it is. Even better, pick up a camera.

We came across these videos by Nate Wenger on YouTube. There’s not a lot of information, but there is a lot of footage of this tough silver truck. The videos are professional in their production and offer a wealth of great shots that show off the F-250 in all its glory. In its rebuild, the silver powerhouse increased ride height with a 4″ suspension lift and 1″ body lift. This F-250 has to go high to accommodate the Mickey Thompson MTZ “Boss” 36×15.50 tires and 20×14 fuel wheels. The build includes Dana 60 front and back axles, and full frame-off restoration. It’s powered by classic American iron with a big-block Ford 460 engine.

In the first video Wenger nonchalantly polishes the grille, then gets behind the wheel. The truck is truly menacing as it drives slowly through an industrial parking lot where it rips into a burnout. In the second video, Wenger revs the engine and the dominant 460 sounds as good as it looks. We get some nice shots of the interior and the underside of the truck before more tire smoking action. In the third video he shows off more of the silver menace, its superior handling, and we get more sweet burnouts.

What do you think of this classic truck?

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