Back in Black: Restored 1949 Ford F-1 Is a Badass Beauty

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Restored 1949 F-1 Front

If you are looking for a great F-1 driver or a clean project truck, this could be the one.

While searching through the Ford F-1 pickups for sale on Classic Cars, we came across this nicely restored 1949 model and we couldn’t stop staring. The history of this gem is almost as compelling as its iconic design and badass build.

The Original F-Series

The Ford F-1 was the first F-Series truck, introduced way back in November of 1947. This truck would eventually become the F-100 and that truck became the F-150, so this original F-Series paved the way for America’s best-selling truck. Due to the history of the model line and the smooth lines, the F-1 has become a popular project vehicle for someone who wants to stand out in the car-heavy show crowd.

Restored F-1 Side

Of course, most of the trucks sold in 1948 through 1952 have long rusted into the ground, but with some hunting, Ford fans can still find a clean, unmodified Ford F-1. This is a great example, as this truck has been restored, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Flat-Head Power

This 1949 Ford F-1 received a “cosmetic restoration” four years ago and the result is a great looking antique pickup. The truck is a brilliant dark metallic blue with bright chrome trim that could be brand new. The truck has era-correct wheels with white-wall tires and the wood in the floor of the cargo box is likely cleaner than it was when this truck rolled off of the assembly line in the late 40s.

Restored F-1 BEd

From the outside, this 1949 F-1 is gorgeous from every angle, looking good enough to claim car show trophies, but when you open the hood – it isn’t quite a pretty. This antique Ford truck is powered by the original 239-cubic inch flat-head V8 engine. The engine has been rebuilt and fitted with an aftermarket four-barrel intake manifold and headers, so it likely makes a bit more than the 100 horsepower that came standard from the factory.

1949 F-1 239 Engine

Based on the sole engine bay picture, this old school engine could use some tender loving care to finish the show-truck-treatment, but with some paint and elbow grease, this could be a simple project truck that turns into an overnight truck-show superstar .

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