F-150 vs. F-250: Power Stroke Diesel Drag Race Showdown

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It’s a classic example of power versus weight as these two Power Stroke powerhouses line up for all the bragging rights!

While diesel engines have been around just about forever in the Super Duty line of pickups, we’re just now being treated to the first-ever F-150 diesel. Packing a newly reworked 3.0-liter Power Stroke, the diesel F-150 produces 250 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. Including an EPA rated 30 highway mpg, those are all class-leading numbers. And as we found out in a recent test drive, it’s an all-around excellent engine/truck combination.

Then there’s the mighty, tried-and-true 6.7-liter Power Stroke available in the Super Duty lineup. Packing 450 hp and an earth-moving 935 lb-ft of torque, trucks like the F-250 still hold the advantage when it comes to towing. But what about in a drag race? Even though you’ll probably never see these two trucks line up on the street, The Fast Lane Truck decided to find out which one is quicker in a drag race. For, you know, science!

F-150 Power Stroke

On paper, you’d think the F-250 holds a definite advantage. But these two four-wheel drive, crew cab models each carry their own advantages. Though the F-150 is down big on power, it’s 2,300 pounds lighter. It also has a 10-speed transmission, while the F-250 makes do with six cogs. The F-150 also has a more advantageous (for drag racing) four-wheel drive system and Sport mode. But is that enough to overcome the mighty Super Duty and its insanely powerful Power Stroke?

Not even close. The F-250 takes the F-150’s lunch money with a best 7.74-second 0-60 run versus a 9.33-second blast. That, friends, is what we call an old fashioned butt whooping. And TFLT’s Roman is a little surprised by the result. But should he be? After all, the F-250 holds a massive advantage in power, one that easily compensates for its added weight. And that’s by design, because the F-150 is intended to be a “light duty” diesel.

Still, it’s good to know in case some guy driving a Super Duty lines up next to you at a local stop light. And it might even save you a little cash on your next friendly wager!

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