Pickup Truck Owners Are Loyal…To a Point

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We tend to think of truck owners as very brand-loyal folks. But a recent survey proves that might not necessarily be true.

Overwhelmingly, common thought dictates that we pickup truck owners are as loyal as it gets. Ford guys would never even dream of driving one of those “other” brands, would we? Most of us would rather lose a limb than drive a Chevy or a Dodge, but perhaps that isn’t the case with everyone. In fact, a recent survey from CarGurus revealed some fascinating information pertaining to pickup truck brand loyalty.

Ford F-150

We all know that the average transaction price of trucks is skyrocketing. And a lot of people aren’t happy about that. So it should come as no surprise that CarGuru’s survey of 450 truck owners discovered that rising prices could prompt them to make the switch to another brand. In fact, a whopping 42% of the group admitted they would jump ship if prices increase by a mere $5,000.

Interestingly, 40% of those surveyed said they were already considering switching brands with their next truck purchase. Ford ranked near the bottom of that group, however, behind Chevy, Dodge, and Toyota owners. Aside from price, other main factors that might drive owners to become turncoats include features, comfort, towing capacity, and power/engine size.

Ford Raptor

Despite these shocking results, a full 20% of owners said that prices would have to jump at least $10,000 before they’d consider switching brands. A mere 3% said they wouldn’t switch for less than $20k, and 29% said they’d remain brand loyal no matter what.

So it appears that truck owners aren’t quite as loyal as we’ve been led to believe all these years. But it would certainly be interesting to see how these numbers stack up against passenger car statistics. We’d be willing to bet that truck owners still rank as the most brand loyal of any vehicle type. But as they say, everyone has a price!

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