Justin Bieber Does NOT Drive a Ford Truck. Thankfully.

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Kid Rock - Ford Raptor

Pop star’s ‘monster truck’ mishap reveals that he prefers Dodge. No surprise there. Here are some other famous folks who DO prefer Ford…

Earlier today, celeb-fodder feeder TMZ featured its latest story about Justin Bieber. This time the report was about how the pop star “accidentally ran over a paparazzi photographer” while leaving an event in L.A.

After we read that the pap had “non-life threatening injuries” and seemed to be perfectly OK, our attention then shifted to what was described by TMZ as Bieber’s “monster pickup truck.”

We hoped it wasn’t a Ford Raptor or Explorer, because, well, when the Biebs was photographed on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle a few months back, bikers around the world universally shared a laugh at the sheer dichotomy evoked in the photos as the pop star attempted to reinforce his bad boy image. However, that is hard to do when your most frequent fashion choice is skinny jeans.


Bieber’s ‘monster truck’ turned out to be more of a ‘Mouseketeer truck,’ or in other words, it wasn’t a Ford. It was a Dodge Ram.


Bieber’s “monster truck” turned out to be more of a “Mouseketeer truck,” or in other words, it wasn’t a Ford. It was a Dodge Ram. We repeat, Justin Bieber does not drive a Ford truck! And you can Belieb that!

Now, here are a few other famous folks who DO drive Ford trucks…

Metallica’s James Hetfield

Over 30 years into the band’s career Metallica is still selling out stadiums. Why? Because they’re badass, they know what’s hot and current, and frontman James Hetfield’s songwriting just gets better and better with each successive album. So, it’s just a given that one of the world’s most successful and badass rock stars would own an equally cool ride, and he does: a Ford truck. And not just any truck. Hetfield’s totally rockin’ ride is a custom-built 1956 Ford F-100.

Like his band, Hetfield’s spectacular ride started off quite humbly before going on to capture lots of attention wherever it may roam.

“James really wanted a daily driver,” recalls restomod master Scott Mugford to Truck Trend. “He bought it off the Internet [and] it already had the extended cab and a flatbed on it. The funny thing is it was also painted purple, but a completely different purple to the one you see today,” which more closely matches the color of one of Hetfield’s favorite guitars.

James Hetfield's Ford

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl

After landing countless hits with Nirvana and Foo Fighters, multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Dave Grohl can pretty much have any vehicle he desires. His ideal ride? A vintage Ford Falcon kombi van with a V8 and power steering, which he has been spotted in driving around L.A.

The multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter-drummer has a fleet of Harleys and luxury vehicles, too, but it was a badass custom van that he wanted the most. So, Grohl rang up Troy Honeycutt of King T’s Kustoms and ordered a custom-built Falcon van. He reportedly didn’t care about the make at first, but he was more than happy at the end that he got a Ford.

“I started telling him we’d do it with murals, bubble windows, a bed in the back but he said no, it had to be first generation and look bone-stock but be all new, and it had to have windows,” recalls Honeycutt in an interview with Street Machine .

Honeycutt adds; “I wanted to get him a Falcon because I remembered something he’d told me: When he first had money, he went out and bought a bitchin’ old car. He called his mum and said, ‘I bought a black ’63 Falcon.’ She told him that her first car was the exact same thing, so that said to me that he had to have a Falcon van…[later,] he was ecstatic when I told him I’d bought him a Falcon.”

Dave Grohl - Ford van

Kid Rock

Rockin’ rapper and burgeoning politician Robert Ritchie, who is, of course, much better known as Kid Rock, has famously plugged Chevy trucks and even had a special-edition Kid Rock truck with Chevy in the past. However, when he’s off stage and not

However, when he’s off stage and not in front of a camera — and not being paid big bucks to plug any ol’ product — what kind of vehicle do you think the superstar prefers as his own personal ride? Kid Rock has been spotted cruising around in a sweet Ford Raptor. In fact, he posed for a shot next to the Raptor while wearing a camo color scheme that matched the one on the truck. So apparently, he likes Fords, too, or maybe he even likes Ford more? Granted, we’re biased, but we assume it’s the latter.

Kid Rock - Ford Raptor

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen may sing about Pink Cadillacs and other rides in his (mostly fictitious) songs, but in real life, The Boss is a Ford truck man. And in the day when he’s sweatin’ it out on the streets of a runaway American dream and at night when riding through the mansions of glory in suicide machines, his machine of choice is, of course, a Ford pickup.

“He had a Ford pickup truck he drove around in,” Springsteen’s famous photographer Joel Bernstein revealed in an interview with the L.A. Times. “It had Bondo on the side — it was a $200 truck. He could have had any vehicle he wanted. After working for Neil Young and [seeing] his 50 vehicles, I found it kind of an interesting contrast.”

Also, in the 1996 documentary Blood Brothers, Springsteen mentions that he drives a Ford Explorer. The rock icon’s music videos over the past 40-plus years have included countless Ford vehicles, from a 1971 Ford Pinto (“One Step Up”) to a 1980 Ford Bronco (“Glory Days”).
The Boss may love Ford trucks, but according to his 2016 memoir, Born to Run, he didn’t drive until he was in his twenties. His first driving experience was in his prized $200 Ford pickup and was an attempted three-day cross country trip.

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