How to Fix Sporadic Ford F-150 Backup Sensor Issues

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Ford F-150 Backup Camera

Are your F-150 backup sensors going crazy even if there’s nothing behind you? You aren’t alone!

These days, backup cameras and sensors are just something we take for granted. These handy features have been fitted to the venerable Ford F-150 for many years now, and are now required on all new vehicles. But like any other electronic or mechanical device, this equipment is prone to problems. And a series of strange issues led F-150 Online forum member Daniel Gagner to seek some answers in the forums a while back.

“Twice now I’ve put my F-150 in reverse and the right rear backup sensor comes on full as if I’m right near something. The solid tone stays on. It will keep doing that for a few hours when I put it in reverse. Then, later on, it will stop doing it. It’s happened twice in the past week. I guess I’ve got to take it in to be looked at but I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how it was resolved.”

For many members including j2014_F150, the problem often pops up during cold weather or when the sensors are covered with dirt or salt. Thus, simply cleaning them off oftentimes takes care of the problem.

“They didn’t work today until I took it to the car wash, and now they work again. The issue seems to be dirt related, but not always. In the past, they worked through salt and dirt to a degree I found astonishing. It appears to be related to cold weather. I live in Idaho and take the truck on dusty mountain roads in the summer. Never had a problem with dirt. If it’s in 20s or lower, they may or may not work. The problem is slightly aggravated by dirt, but I’ve had them not work with everything clean as a whistle.”

After getting his F-150 looked at by the dealership, it appears that the OP found the solution to his particular issue.

“Mine did this for a year while new, but off and on. Eventually, the dealer took the connection off and cleaned it. And whatever else they might do to it, maybe electrode grease or something. Now it’s fine. Been fine for a long time.”

Ford F-150 Backup Sensors

Thus, the answer to these various F-150 backup sensor problems appears to be fairly simple. If a good cleaning doesn’t fix the problem, try taking off the sensor and cleaning the connection. Or if your F-150 is still under warranty, you could also let the dealer take a crack at it.

If you’ve had similar problems and/or have an additional fix that worked for you, be sure and head over here and let us know about it!

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