Ford E-Series Van/Truck Makes Converts Out of Us

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Ford E-Series Conversion

It may not be a Ford F-Series pickup, but this E-Series van conversion is one of the coolest haulers out there.

Here at F-150 Online, we typically focus solely on F-Series trucks. But when we came across this insanely cool E-Series van/truck conversion, we knew that we had to show it to you. While companies like Centurion turned vans into pickups decades ago, we hadn’t seen a modern day E-Series van with a bed until this Frankenstein-like creation debuted at the 2004 SEMA show. And now, after 15 years in hibernation, it’s headed to Mecum’s Portland auction June 21-22.

There’s a lot to like here, obviously. But we’d be remiss to overlook the incredible amount of work that went into this mad creation. The brainchild of a company called Quadvan, is was commissioned by Ford for SEMA specifically to attract plenty of eyeballs. And needless to say, it did a great job in that department. Quadvan started out by chopping up a stock E-Series and fabbing up a new rear cab section to make this a crew cab. They used a series of stock Ford parts, including E-Series and F-Series doors, as well as a Spor Trac cab window section to make it happen.

Ford E-Series Conversion

Quadvan is known for their four-wheel drive van conversions, so that was the logical next step. Again, most all the parts used here are factory Ford, save for some Bilstein shocks. The bonus is that everything is a straight bolt-on and 100% dealer serviceable. The original 6.8-liter V10 engine was also retained, though fortified with a host of performance parts. They include a Whipple supercharger, full exhaust, and upgraded fuel system to boost power.

Ford E-Series Conversion

Inside, most of the interior was lifted from a Ford Harley edition Super Duty pickup. Which means that it’s very, very nice. The rest of the van/truck, from the paint job to the extended rollout bed, are nods to Harley-Davidson. And now, one lucky person will get the chance to haul their Harley with this very special one-off build!

Photos: Mecum Auctions

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