What’s it Feel Like to Drive a 650 HP Roush-ified Ford F-150?

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Roush F-150 SC

Pickup Trucks reviewer shares his experiences from behind the wheel of a supercharged Roush pickup.

What’s it like to drive a Roush-ified Ford F-150 with 650 supercharged horses under the hood? Brian Wong, from the aptly-named PickupTrucks.com, recently spent some time behind the wheel.

To start with, let’s get into the hard facts. The Roush F-150 SC package costs $26,849 on top of the price of a standard F-150. That gets you a host of engine, suspension, and visual upgrades that effectively turn the F-150 into a slightly more civilized, more street-focused Raptor-fighter.

Roush F-150 SC

Under the hood, buyers will find a Roush roots-type supercharger fed by a Roush cold air intake. Out back, buyers will find a Roush twin-tip exhaust system. These modifications, paired with a custom software tune, net impressive gains of over 250 horsepower and more than 210 lb/ft of torque. That adds up to an impressive total of 650 horsepower and 610 lb/ft of torque from the force-fed 5.0 liter Coyote V8.

The Roush F-150 SC comes with a 2″ lift over stock courtesy of an off-road suspension co-developed by Fox Racing. The Roush F-150 SC rides on 20″ off-road wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 all-terrain tires.

Roush F-150 SC

The mild lift, along with the aggressive wheels and tires, grant the truck an aggressive, purposeful stance. That’s helped along by further Roush enhancements, such as a unique grille, front bumper, and a unique graphics package.

Despite its off-road-ready looks, Wong states that the truck drove admirably on pavement, and handled well. Unfortunately, he states that he expected more dramatic performance given the supercharged horsepower on tap. Instead of an immediate punch to the gut, Wong seems to think that the performance is more like a slow burn.

Roush F-150 SC

While the Raptor may offer similar (or superior) performance, the Roush F-150 SC has its place. It seems like it might be a good choice for those who want a greater balance of on-road performance and daily-driver utility. Our advice if you’re in the market? Drive both and pick your favorite.

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